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17 free applications for your mobile phone: This download is currently free

17 free applications for your mobile phone: This download is currently free

This week we have selected 17 free apps for iOS and Android for you! Apart from everyday apps, you can also download mobile games for free and have a lot of fun on your cell phone. We will tell you in a nutshell what free content is all about. So let’s download!

Twice a week we show you apps that are free for a few days. Normally you would have to pay money for the content, but as in amazon prime day there are also discount campaigns in the Google Play Store and in the AppStore. We cannot always understand how long these last. So if you find a paid app in this article, they are not bad intentions. It is an opportunity for you to let us know in the comments.

Also free for 1 month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

If you want to search for free apps yourself, I recommend Antoine’s article. There he tells you how sure you find free software for iOS and Android.

Advice: Want to future-proof an app, but still can’t use it on your mobile phone? Then briefly download it and delete it directly, so you can download it again in the future.

Free apps and mobile games on the Google Play Store

Free apps for your Android phone

  • Auto Rotate Control Pro (€2.89): We have already reported in detail about this application: you can configure exactly which application locks the screen rotation of your mobile phone.
  • 80’s Music Radio Pro (€0.59): Is 80’s music exactly your thing? Then use this app to install a music radio that only plays music from your favorite genre.
  • Decimal to Fraction By (€0.50): A simple application that helps you solve fractions.
  • Economic Calculator Pro (€0.59): Another calculator, but adapted to the business world. Definitely useful if you have a business – I’m already overwhelmed with the 10×10!

Zoo 2: Animal Park – Your animals, your success, your zoo game
Play for free on browser and mobile

Free Android Mobile Games on Google Play Store

  • The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter (€0.59): Have you ever wanted to hunt dinosaurs? Here is a first person shooter game where you can do just that!
  • Minesweeper Pro (€1.39): If you don’t know minesweeper, you’ve missed the internet age! That’s no big deal, of course, because today you can get a smartphone port to your cell phone for free!
  • 57°N: We have often reported on this Android mobile game! Because the story is really cool and the AR compatibility is really innovative. Don’t you know yet? Try!
  • PRO Mind Games (€2.99): Remember the brain training trend from the early 2000s? Then get an alternative for your mobile phone with “Denkspiele PRO”.
  • Luck! (€0.79): Good luck in this awesome 2D platform game! The gameplay is so curious that I don’t want to spoil it further in this article!

Free apps and mobile games on the Apple AppStore

Free apps for your iPhone

  • Bill Minder (€2.99): A highly rated finance app for your iOS devices! Approved with 4.7 stars by 4,300 users.
  • tick clock (€4.99): Do you like to upload videos to TikTok? Then you will find “Tik Watch”, a free app with which you can cut videos and edit them with many features.
  • FreshCards (€12.99): A smart little app that you can use to create and manage flashcards. A super good help for learning and studying!
  • Finale To Do: Tasks and Widget (€1.99): Looking for a task manager? Then download the “Finale To Do” app for your iPhone or iPad!
  • Healing Vibrations Mind Body Health (€3.99): You can get a little mindfulness with “Healing Vibes Mind Body Health”. The name is terrible, but you should come across meditation and yoga techniques.

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo, play for free
Recreate fantastic wildlife with prehistoric creatures!

Free iOS Games for iPhone

  • The Secret of Crimson Manor (€0.99): Can you solve the mystery of Crimson Manor? Download this puzzle game for which you would otherwise have to pay 0.99 euros!
  • Abi: the story of a robot (€0.99): Multi-award winning mobile game where you can immerse yourself in the story of a little robot. Rated 3.8 stars on the AppStore!
  • Super Corners™ (€1.99): A strategy game where your goal is to add numbers so that the sum is a multiple of 5 while matching the colors.

That’s it again! As always, we try to give you as wide a selection as possible in this article, so if you’re not happy with an app you’ve downloaded, we’re sorry, but we don’t take any responsibility for it.