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5 Cara Menjaga Wallpaper Dinding Agar Tetap Awet dan Indah

5 ways to keep your wallpaper durable and beautiful

Many people choose to use wallpaper to decorate every corner of the house. In addition, the reasons are more diverse, wallpaper the wall is also easy in terms of installation.

With proper care then wallpaper The walls can be durable and maintain their beauty for decades. Yes wallpaper If this is handled carelessly, the walls of the house can become dull and the appearance of the interior of the room will be altered.

Although it is a shame that there are many people out there who do not really know how to take care of them. wallpaper walls so it’s only been a few years that it looks boring.

So how to care wallpaper wall to make it more durable, long-lasting and still beautiful. Take a look at the informed tips The next!

1. Pay attention to the installation process wallpaper Wall

How to care wallpaper The first thing to consider is the installation process so that it is durable and also durable. Although in the process of installation wallpaper This sounds easy, it is a good idea to leave this process to an expert.

Using experts in installation wallpaper wall, this is so that the wall will not break when installed and stay in good condition.

2. Pay close attention to the gluing process

The second thing to consider is the gluing process. wallpaper wall properly. However, before that, do not forget to pay attention to the condition of the walls of your home.

Gluing process wallpaper the wall should not be neglected so that it is more evenly distributed and does not leave gaps. The reason is that otherwise the wallpaper may be messy or even puffy.

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3. Do not install wallpaper on damp walls.

It is a good idea to first check the condition of the walls of the house. The walls of the house in humid conditions will not be good if they are installed wallpaper Wall. The reason is that a damp wall will wallpaper more quickly damaged and moldy when installed.

If the walls of your house have a lot of humidity, you should be careful applying a special paint on the surface of the wall that has an anti-humidity effect.

Then before installing, first clean all the wall surfaces from dust, dirt or a layer of paint, while for new walls, pay attention to the condition that they are completely dry before installing.

4. Clean the wallpaper regularly

Although, on the surface wallpaper You don’t see dust in your house. It is best not to let the dust accumulate for too long as it can have an unfavorable effect on the occupants.

Therefore, you should clean the dust regularly. You can also clean it simply by using a duster, vacuum cleaner cleaner or a soft cloth so that the surface wallpaper it does not scratch and may be damaged later.

5. For stubborn stains, try a soft bristle brush.

When you clean wallpaper the walls of the house with a soft cloth are less than optimal results. So use a brush that has soft bristles to clean up those stubborn stains. Surface brush wallpaper the wall gently slowly and try not to break or tear.