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AEW Video Games Announces New "2. Show" YouTube Series

AEW Video Games Announces New “2. Show” YouTube Series

AEW Games announced on Saturday that it will launch a YouTube show. The first edition will air on the AEW game YouTube channel on Wednesday night, shortly after AEW Dynamite. The title of this program is “2. Show” and is sponsored by AEW World Championship Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega is a famous gamer. OMEGA hosted an announcement show when AEW Games announced three upcoming video games.

The details of the show are not well understood at this time, but we hope that some of the other names of big gamer AEW will also be involved. The first broadcast of the AEW video game also included Cody Rhodes, Britt Baker, and All Elite Wrestling. Kip Sabian was introduced in the first teaser of 2.Show, so he seems to be involved in some way.

Watch the announcement video for AEW Games 2.Show. Learn how AEW Games can give you gifts if you don’t get what you want for Christmas. The gift is the debut of this new show.

The Young Bucks could certainly be involved at some point.

In a previous interview with, Matt and Nick Jackson revealed the types of wrestling games they prefer. For them, it’s all about playability.

“For me, the simplicity of a great game engine, it’s easy to work with and easy to use,” Matt Jackson said. “Like some of these days, it seems almost overly elaborate to me. I’m not interested in it.

“Honestly, I’ve played some new ones, they’re too difficult,” he added. “I don’t know if that makes me look like an old dinosaur now. It’s like,” Oh, I like the old games, “but God, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m romantic and nostalgic for the games I played when I was a kid. “

“We are watching [Kenny] Playing these new games, I added, “I don’t even understand. Nick Jackson said,” How do you get it? ” Maybe we are just an old school. “

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