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WhatsApp: The trick to schedule your New Year messages

WhatsApp: The trick to schedule your New Year messages

Surely the night of December 31 and the morning of January 1, you will want to send a message to several of your contacts in WhatsApp. Either to send to wish them a year full of health and success or simply to congratulate them.

But, in order not to make the messages one by one, we explain what you have to do to send them by writing that text only once. In this way you can prevent someone from missing and bothering you.

The advantage of this trick is that you don’t need a third-party application, just have the application open.

We explain how to send a message to various WhatsApp contacts

How to send a message to several WhatsApp contacts?

– First go to the main menu that appears in the upper right corner and select New broadcast.

– Then select all your contacts or choose one by one from the search engine. A dove will appear on the right side of the selected contacts.

– Three select the contacts you want, a conversation will open in which all the chosen ones will be. But don’t worry, they won’t notice.

– Write the message you want to send, thinking that it will be the same for everyone.

All the contacts you chose will receive the message

The message you send will reach each user in their respective conversations with you, so no one will have to know the trick you used.

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