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After criticism for the unnecessary shutdown of the printer: now the manufacturer reacts

After criticism for the unnecessary shutdown of the printer: now the manufacturer reacts

Some Epson customers report that their printers suddenly stop working, even though they were working fine before. According to Epson, buyers should get a new printer or contact a paid service technician.

Update of August 12, 2022: Epson has changed its mind and no longer recommends customers buy a new Epson printer. The corresponding help page has been revised and Added repair instructions. Even Epson now only sees a new purchase as the last option. In addition, reference is made to the manufacturer’s internal recycling program (source: epson).

Original article:

Epson disables working printers

Reports of upset users of Epson printers are piling up on social media. who one of Models L130, L220, L310, L360 or L365 in use might be facing a problem. Although the devices actually work perfectly, they report an error message after a period specified by the manufacturer. Supposedly, a printer component had “reached the end of its useful life” (source: fight to mend).

According to Epson, this is a sponge that catches ink splashes in the printer. These can occur, among other things, when cleaning the nozzles. The manufacturer believes that after a certain period of use, the sponge is simply full and the printer no longer prints. Epson does not offer official spare parts. Users can assemble a sponge themselves, but even then the printer’s software prohibits further use.

For Windows users, Epson has on your website provided a tool to reset the printer’s internal counter. According to the manufacturer this is only possible once and then the printer runs Just for a little while”. There is no such tool for Mac and Linux users.

What you should know before buying a printer:

Epson recommends: Buy a new Epson printer

The manufacturer advises customers affected by the error message to decide on a new Epson model. Alternatively, a paid Epson service technician can be brought to the house.

Epson makes it surprisingly clear on its support website that this would be a completely normal procedure. After all, printers are designed in such a way that from a certain point “no more work” would do.