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Amazon Appstore will support Android app bundles sooner or later

Amazon Appstore will support Android app bundles sooner or later

Amazon said its app store will also accommodate Android app bundles; but nobody knows when. The announcement of the e-commerce giant, which develops and maintains one of the most widespread and well-known “forks” of Google’s operating system in the West (it calls it Fire OS, and it is found in all its tablets, televisions and televisions). top boxes), goes back to last Friday and reflects that Google goes back a couple of weeks earlier, according to which all new applications and games uploaded to the Play Store since August must be compatible with the application packages.

Android App Bundles have been around for some time: more than a format it is a philosophy, an approach to packaging applications. Instead of loading a large APK, an Android app developer splits it into multiple independent packages and not related to each other; therefore, the user saves data when downloading and installing, and can take advantage of some more advanced and intriguing features, such as the ability to use the application while the download is still in progress.

To take a trivial example, a video game developer might divide your APK into levelsand prioritize the download of the first ones, leaving the final boss for last. Another example: a developer prepares the graphic assets of an application for a certain number of resolutions, but the Play Store locates the resolution of the target device and sends only the relevant ones.

Amazon explains that the Android App Bundles, which are a completely open source format, will be always optional in the Appstoreand that applications loaded in APK form will never have to be reloaded. At the moment, the company is still working on an accurate roadmap and is therefore not in the current position to reveal more details. However, the developers involved can follow the SOURCE link below to view the full version.

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