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Android: Google brings important update for sound notifications; add your own sounds (video)


Google has the operating system Android becoming more and more barrier-free in recent years and features and apps have been created to make life easier for users with hearing or vision problems. A major update has now been announced for the ‘Sound Notifications’ app, which may be a boon to many people who depend on it: it should be possible to add your own sounds.

android custom sound notifications

The ‘Sound Notifications’ system app was built with Android 12, improved with Android 13, and will soon receive a major update to significantly increase the detection rate. Until now, the app has automatically recognized supposedly important noises, such as smoke detectors, running water, rattling windows, and the like, and informed the user about them. But because this is not so easy and reliable to recognize, users can also intervene manually after the update.

The new ‘Custom Sounds’ feature will allow users to record and learn their own sounds so they can be notified of them. This also goes for the oven, microwave, washing machine or many other things that are acoustically conspicuous. I could imagine that this is not practical for people with limited hearing or complete deafness, but also for users who like to wear headphones and acoustically hide from everyday life.

It has not yet been revealed when the update will be implemented.

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