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Gaming on the Rise: Is TikTok the New Twitch?

Gaming on the Rise: Is TikTok the New Twitch?

The video app TikTok wants to focus more on the gaming scene in the future. Can it outrank Twitch?

Twitch is THE online platform when it comes to gaming. Thousands of content creators have found their home here and regularly stream sessions of their favorite games. Whether it’s League of Legends, Fortnite or FIFA, everyone will find the right channel here. But that could change soon, because TikTok recently started focusing on gaming.




TikTok and gaming: does that fit?

TikTok has been around since 2018. It is now considered the fastest growing app in the world. With over a billion users, according to statisticsit even competes with Facebook and Instagram.

Since anyone can share whatever content they want to share, as long as it doesn’t violate the app’s policies, it’s no wonder the gaming scene is also interested in harnessing TikTok’s potential. Twitch greats like Trymacs or MontanaBlack are now making regular posts. Publishers like Ubisoft, EA Sports or Sony can also be found here.

“We have a growing community of gamers on TikTok who get information on TikTok: about new games, tutorials, cosplay, but above all they network with the community,” explains Tobias Henning, general manager of TikTok Germany, at gamescom.

In Twitch’s absence, the app’s booth at the popular gaming expo was what drew the crowds. The stars of the streaming scene can be found here every day, entertaining the audience. A perfect opportunity for makers to connect and get feedback from the community.

“[…] We’re at gamescom right now to discover these trends, talk to game publishers, meet expert game creators, and understand why they’re really on TikTok. What do you miss on TikTok? What would make TikTok even better?” says Henning.

it’s about the content

So TikTok already has a gaming community, and it should expand further. New features and ideas are planned for this. However, Henning does not reveal exactly what they will look like.

However, TikTok already offers an advantage over other platforms like Twitch: the app brings the content to the fore. With short videos, publishers, influencers and company can spread their content extremely fast and thus network with the community. Theoretically, you can already get a viral hit with the first clip. No matter how many followers the channel has, it’s all about the quality of the content.

“And that’s exactly what our technology does: it gets content to the right audience. And that not only makes TikTok so successful, but also makes the creators so successful, who are able to reach a large audience relatively quickly with their really great content,” explains Henning.

@trymacs The good old house phone #trymacs #frasesmemes #trymacslost #fy #for you #viral ♬ Original sound – Trymacs

TikTok also offers live streams. But that’s probably not enough to make Twitch dangerous. Content creators use TikTok primarily for content and topics that can be covered in seconds. Videos longer than a minute are almost frowned upon here. However, live streams are extremely important to the scene as they allow for direct interaction with the community. For that reason alone, Twitch will remain relevant.

So TikTok can’t replace Twitch. However, the two platforms offer perfect synergy for the gaming scene. While streaming will continue to be the main focus on Twitch, TikTok can be used for short content like tips, stream recaps, and funny clips.

And for that alone it is worth being represented on Twitch and TikTok.

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