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android next generation

Android: Google promises important innovations: more devices, faster updates and a new messenger?


Tomorrow night will start the Google I/O developer conference, which will be held in the area. Android it will bring a lot of innovations, and these don’t necessarily have to revolve around Android 13. Now the mood is slowly heating up and a little sneak peek of what we can expect at Wednesday’s event has been given. In addition to the important update topic, there are even fears of a new messenger…

android next generation

Android doesn’t just evolve from version to version, but the entire ecosystem and everything around it goes through development steps that are implemented regardless of Android 12, Android 13, or Android 14. At Google I/O there will be an insight into what will be important in the coming months and even years. A poll on Twitter now shows the categories where jumps can occur.

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Last night’s provisional status showed that users are more interested in developments related to messaging offerings on Android. Among them there are likely to be some fun voters who are already waiting for a new messenger, but the mention alone in this poll shows that there is much to come. You have to know that the two Google Messages and Google Duo products are now in the hands of Android Product Manager Hiroshi Lockheimer.

Just take a look at the following poll, which has already veered in a different direction.

The first point, security updates, is THE ongoing topic for Android, but a pretty boring topic for the big stage. On messaging you can speculate what will await us there. Maybe it has something to do with Google’s accusations against Apple iMessage to do. “Updates between devices” cannot be assigned yet, but it could be a P2P solution to quickly distribute updates from the Play Store.

The last point, “new alliances”, can cover all possible areas and cannot be ranked either. But it’s just a teaser that maybe we can classify in a few days.

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