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Android: the next update for Pixel smartphones is coming: Pixel Feature Drop, new beta version and farewell


Monday is that time again: Because it’s the first Monday of the new month, Google has, as usual, a big update package for Pixel smartphones. This time it should be a little more extensive and hopefully it arrives on time: Because next to the Android security update comes the following Pixel Feature Drop on the show A system update from Google could also be in the baggage and there is still a farewell in the room.

android next generation

When does the update arrive?
Google always releases the Android security update on the first Monday of every month, which rolls out immediately to all supported Pixel smartphones in the following hours and days. Unfortunately, in August it was not possible to meet this and significant delays had to be dealt with that were not explained. We can only hope that it was a rare outlier and that we can expect a timely update again in September.

Which Pixel phones will get the update?
The security update will roll out to all 4th to 6th generation Pixel smartphones. The Pixel 3a was released in May 2019 and thus hasn’t been supported since May 2022. However, Google announced in May that it would add a final update in July. But nothing came in July, nothing came in August, so this promise is still there. This spreads the good feeling that the remaining Pixel 3a users still own a current smartphone. But after that, it’s really over…

You can find a detailed description of the update guarantee for Pixel smartphones in this article. Pixel 4 owners should also slowly get used to the fact that monthly updates won’t last forever. Because as planned, the September update is already the penultimate. There will be another update in October and then possibly the usual extension until December or January (see Pixel 3a). You can learn more about the Pixel 4 phase-out in this article.

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pixel feature drop

What updates can be expected?
Since the August update turned out to be more extensive than expected, especially due to Android 13, we can expect a larger scope in other categories. The September update will definitely do that. android security update as well as a separate pixel update for all pixel smartphones that are still supported. This consists of numerous bug fixes each month, and August will be no exception. It’s hard to say in advance whether it will also add functionality. It is very possible that you have another interesting update in your luggage:

Pixel Feature Drop?
A new Pixel Feature Drop is scheduled to follow in September 2022. In the last two years, however, the drop feature has been “superseded” by the new version of Android, which is not the case this time. In case there is a feature drop, it is currently just that Bluetooth update for Pixel Buds Pro known as a candidate. Despite the timeline, I’d rate the probability of a pixel feature drop as fairly low this month. Because the QPR beta that preceded it last year was also non-existent in the last mobile quarter.

Android 13 QPR1 Beta
A side note for many users, because it rarely brings new features: Google will start the next round of Android 13 QPR beta for Pixel smartphones. It is important that you leave the beta program before Monday (!) if you are still in it and do not want to use this experimental version. You can find all the information about it. in this article.

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