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Apple, Google and Microsoft join forces in the development of Internet browsing services

Apple, Microsoft and Google, the world’s top three technology companies, will work together to further improve Internet browsing services at the consumer level. The teams currently working on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox will work together to develop their browser extensions. Extensions are basically browser add-ons. Downloading these may change the overall experience of using the Internet. All three organizations have announced their intention to meet in the World Wide Web Consortium.
The three organizations have jointly launched a community group called Web Extensions Online. Where engineers can work to create more efficient and secure extensions.
Over the years, various browsers have worked to create better extensions. The Web Extensions Community Group is excited to see how these organizations and their partners will work to create more advanced browser extension fields.
Tech experts have found some reasons behind the three organizations working together. First, developers can easily create extensions. The functions of these extensions, API and permission issues will remain the same. Additionally, these organizations will create separate designs for extensions. Which will make that extension more secure and prevent its misuse.
However, it is not officially known when the joint venture will reach consumer level.

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