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Freebox Revolution and Delta: P2F multimedia service is evolving with many new features

P2F multimedia services is evolving with numerous new options

Freebox Revolution and Delta: P2F multimedia service is evolving with many new features

“P2f”, a “Plex” customer specifically designed for Freebox Delta and Revolution, updates itself and features new options.

Plex is a popular multimedia service available in Freebox Mini 4K, Freebox Revolution, Delta and A person. Specifically made thanks to the QML SDK, this support is identified as “P2f” in Freebox. It permits you to entry multimedia documents on your pc from anyplace, even from Freebox Revolution. The services can be downloaded for cost-free on the Freebox Revolution, Freebox Delta and Freebox One Totally free Retail store. You can uncover our P2f tutorial on this webpage.

A significant update has just been rolled out, which supports the transition from qt 9 to qt 15 in Freebox Delta. There are lots of new functions in the system, together with the research function and trailers (for videos), the intro bounce for sequence, the possibility to obtain motion pictures, collections or series, and the playback of films or series in a number of components.

All the information and corrections of this new variation of P2F

1. Compatibility with Qt 5.15
2.1 Debugging: return of the orange band in the menu
2.2 Debugging: no extra loss of posters for collections
2.3 Debugging: timeline during video
3.1 Optimization and completion of Filters administration
3.2 Facts at the bottom of the filters and classification (in a library by pressing the info crucial)
4. Scroll bar in libraries (remaining and / yMax, appropriate web page / totalPage)
5. Introducing the classification “final added collection” on the home page
6. Update libraries for paging / collection / folder navigation selections
7. Chance to force the sound in 2.1
8. Collection: modify intro: parameter in choices + report button on distant regulate
9. Trailers, when offered (registration critical) on the film sheet
10. Menu / extras: extra video clips (trailer or “guiding the scenes”: only for people who have plex go)
11. research operate / shortcuts (movie libraries)
12. Doable collections also for series
13. Down load videos, collections, collection (when someone shares their library with you, for illustration)
14. Playing motion pictures or collection in several pieces

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P2F is a Freemium software, which suggests that it gives its standard functions for absolutely free, but offers gains to those who buy it. Originally provided with a absolutely free demo week, the Top quality variation is ordinarily supplied at € 3.85, but is now obtainable to anyone for free. In particular, it will allow you not to have to enter your identifiers and parameters each time you use it.