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Apple Insider reveals the best iPhone tricks and thus become a Tiktok star

From genius to influencer
Former Apple member reveals the best iPhone tricks and thus becomes a Tiktok star

Sabrina Badin shares her tricks on Tiktok


The iPhone is one of the easiest devices to use. However, there are countless features that hardly anyone knows about. A former Apple employee has now made a career out of social media by betraying her.

Two-finger swipe, tap, zoom—even young kids can master basic iPhone controls in no time. But the multiple interaction options hide an almost infinite number of tricks that most users barely discover. Tiktokerin Sabrina Badin betrays many of them.

Because before amassing 62,000 followers on the video service, Badin worked for Apple for a long time. As the so-called “genius”, she worked in the iPhone manufacturer’s customer service and learned many tricks there, she revealed to the fans of her. She now shares the tricks in short clips that should surprise even many iPhone connoisseurs.

Send photos faster

Did you know that you can simply drag and drop images and videos directly from the Photos app into an SMS or Whatsapp message? To do this, simply long press on the desired image, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen with another finger to close the app (on older iPhones, press the home button). As you continue to long-press on the photo, you now open your desired app, and you can simply drag the image into the text field. You can now share it.

Order in the chaos of applications

Over the years, countless apps have accumulated on the home screen. The fact that Apple has set up its own app library for this only helps if you’re willing to let apps disappear from your home screen. In a clip, Badin shows why it doesn’t have to be difficult. To do this, he long presses on an app, as you know it, until all the icons start to wobble. Instead of tapping on an individual app, she taps on the symbol that shows which home screen she’s currently on. And so she opens a view that probably only a fraction of iPhone users know about. There she can not make individual apps disappear, but entire pages of the home screen by removing a checkmark below. And suddenly she has a wonderfully tidy home screen. Rechecking the box causes them to reappear.

Apple - iPhone x - Problems with calls

Find the right tab

If you’re using Safari and have a lot of tabs open, it can be hard to find the right one. It’s very easy, as Badin shows. Just scroll to the top of the tab overview, and a search box opens where you can search for tabs with keywords.

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