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AppliTousAnti-Covid Carnet: scan the QR code, download the health pass

The TousAntiCovid application allows you to present your health pass (vaccination certificate or PCR test certificate). It also has a digital reminder book. We explain how it works.

Available in paper and digital format, health pass It has been deployed since June 9, 2021 to access meetings or events. The goal is to ensure the resumption of activities that pose the greatest risks of spreading the epidemic.

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Two new tools will be offered in the Tous AntiCovid application:

>> TousAntiCovid Carnet, deployed on June 9, it is the digital medium of the health pass. Centralizes the vaccination certificate and / or negative PCR test or antigen test and / or certificate of recovery of Covid-19. It is mandatory to attend certain events (see below).

>> TousAntiCovid Signal, a digital reminder book, deployed since June 9 for the opening of sports halls and restaurants and bars (interior).


>> If you had not downloaded it, the application is available and can be downloaded for free from Play store and about App store.

The TousAntiCovid application allows the user to be alerted or alert others in the event of exposure to Covid-19. The goal: to break the chains of transmission and slow down the spread of the virus.

The main idea of ​​the TousAntiCovid application is to be able to warn, through a notification, people who have been in contact with a patient who has tested positive. Specifically, the application allows a user to know if a person has passed positive for COVID-19, through the Bluetooth function of the phone. These “contact case “, who have crossed a positive person within one meter for at least 15 minutes, are invited to be tested and isolated. And in the event of a positive result, the user receives a code that allows him to declare himself a carrier of the virus in the application. The data will be “pseudonymised” and deleted after 14 days..

But that is not all, The Tous Anti Covid application is also the support for the health pass, essential if you want to attend cultural or leisure activities, go to a restaurant, a shopping center or take the train and plane, and travel within the European Union.

TousAntiCovid card: register the vaccination certificate and the negative test

The TousAntiCovid application has a section called “Laptop”. It is a kind of digital medical record: it allows its user to have at hand 2 types of certificates : the negative test certificate (PCR or antigen) and the vaccination certificate certificate.

This health pass is mandatory from June 9 (from 12 years old) to attend large gatherings of more than 1000 people, both outdoors and indoors.

This July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the health pass, due to the resumption of the epidemic.

  • As of July 21, the health pass will also be required to enter the places of leisure (including amusement parks) and culture for more than 50 people.
  • Then, it will be rolled out in early August to other locations: restaurants and bars, shopping centers (not supermarkets), hospitals, long-distance transport (trains, coaches, airplanes, etc.), sports halls.
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>> To enter, those not vaccinated must present a negative PCR test.

How to save the result of a test or a certificate of vaccination in the application?

1-Open the All AntiCovid application

2-Scroll down and go to the section “Health pass – open my notebook”

3-Press “Add a certificate” => then you must scan the QR code on your document (test result or vaccination certificate delivered on the day of your second dose).

  • For the tests, you can add your test result in the app by scanning the QR code present on the paper version of your test result provided by the pharmacy, for example. Another possibility if the pharmacy has not provided you with a paper result: you will receive an SMS or an email from the SI-DEP portal with the instructions to follow to enter your result in the application: click on a secure link to obtain a password, valid for 5 minutes. With this password, connect to the platform to import the result directly into the TousAntiCovid application. The laboratory can also provide the paper version or download it from the dedicated platform
  • For vaccination, you are given a certificate with a QR code to blink, on the day of your 2nd dose, at the vaccination center. From May 27, you can also retrieve certificates (including old ones) at

A device free phone support It is available to users 7 days a week, from 9 am to 8 pm, on 0800 08 71 48.

All AntiCovid signal: go to the restaurant or gym (QR code)

All AntiCovid signal It can be useful to go to the restaurant or the gym.

In fact, the TousAntiCovid application integrates a reminder notebook digital called “TousAntiCovid Signal” since June 9, the opening day of sports halls and bars and restaurants. Remember, last fall, customers were asked to leave their contact details in writing to be contacted in the event of contamination from a customer present at the same time. From now on, if the paper version will always be possible, the digital version, TousAntiCovid Signal, it is also possible and mandatory in certain closed places where respect for barrier gestures cannot be applied continuously.

How to flash the QR code? Specifically, the affected establishments present a sign at their entrance. with a QR code.

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1-Once in the application, click on “Reminder Book”.

2-Then scan this barcode with your phone => click “it’s possible“.

3-Authorize the application to take the photo => click “authorize”.

4-Scan the QR code, it’s over!

There the date and time of entry to the restaurant or gym will be recorded. If another client and user of the TousAntiCovid application shows up at the same time as you test positive for Covid-19 in the following days, an orange alert it will be sent to your phone with a message for quick testing. If three or more people are present at the same time, then the other people who have been in this place will be considered exposed and thethe alert will be red, with the instruction to isolate yourself and get tested.

Where will you have to report? “It will not be necessary to use a classic or digital reminder book on the terrace or in the cinema”, highlights Parisien, the office of the Secretary of State for Digital Transition, Cédric O. “We have targeted poorly ventilated closed spaces where the use of masks is not continuous and where the virus can be transmitted more than 5 m away, as well as several hours after the departure of an infected person.”

“These QR codes they are completely anonymous and do not allow to find the name or the address of the places. Clients and professionals will not be distinguished if a cluster is formed in an establishment. The aim is to do everything possible so that there is no rebound in the epidemic during this transition period and that we can safely resume the normal course of our activities from the end of June., also reassured Alain Griset, the minister of SMEs.

TousAntiCovid Check: the application for professionals

RT-PCR and antigen test results are certified to be authenticated using a QR code. Therefore, it is enough to present this QR code, in the places that require it, when traveling or traveling. A reading app called TousAntiCovid Verif, equips the authorized entities to verify the certificates (restaurants, airlines, police, customs, etc.), so that they can read the information on the TousAntiCovid Card.

What are the other features of TousAntiCovid?

  • The application offers certain information about the health situation. In this way, it is possible to access the daily ratios of the evolution of Covid-19 in France (incidence rate, vacancy rate, etc.).
  • With a regional and departmental data breakdown: real-time information on the circulation of the virus in your region, your department, your city. To do this, the user must be geolocated (the application does not allow it from the beginning so as not to limit its intrusiveness).
  • An interactive map of projection locations.
  • The application indicates at time T the number of registered users, the number of QR codes for positive tests and the number of alerts sent.

Finally, the government makes two additional digital tools available: an interactive map of laboratories and sampling points in the national territory, accessible in and personalized advice on how to act against the virus, protect yourself and what to do if you are in contact or infected with

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Is the TousAntiCovid application mandatory?

The Tous Anti-Covid application works on a voluntary basis. It is not mandatory and can be uninstalled if the user wishes.. However, it is only effective if there are a large number of people connected to it. Ideally, in minimum 60% of the population, according to a study by the British University of Oxford.

Cédric O recalled this October 22, during the presentation of Tous Anti-Covid, the interest in downloading this application, “an additional barrier gesture” that allows you to be warned if you meet a positive person. But emphasize, this simple gesture is only useful if many of us are doing it. “We need you. All guarantees have been taken. Download it and activate it as soon as you go to a place open to the public.”

Is it a digital plotting application?

In response to criticism for the privacy breach, the government has released the updated source code of the application.

Let us also remember that the CNIL (National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms) had given the green light to StopCovid. On May 27, 2020, the National Assembly and Senate voted to put the application online. To guarantee the freedom, security and anonymity of the French, the application is based on 4 key principles:

Respect for privacy

StopCovid uses the bluetooth signal to detect a nearby smartphone. Geolocation is not used, so the application cannot track movements.

The StopCovid application is completely anonymous. It only generates pseudonyms (ephemeral cryptographic identifiers) that are not associated with the user’s identity. No one, not even the State, has access to the identity of the users.

The source codes of the application and the documentation have been published in open source, anyone can access them.

StopCovid is not designed to last after the health crisis. It is only a tool to fight this epidemic and a regulatory framework in this direction has been established by decree.

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