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Arctic Liquid Freezer II: Einige AiO-Kühler können langfristig undicht werden

Arctic Liquid Freezer II: Some AiO coolers may leak long term

Cooler manufacturer Arctic reports that some Liquid Freezer II series compact water coolers may have problems with a seal or even a loss of coolant. Affected customers can send the product in for repair or order a service kit and do it themselves.

the seal is wrong

According to Arctic, the problem was identified as part of “routine quality checks“discovered. Only Liquid Freezer IIs (test) that were delivered between May 2021 and March 2022 are potentially affected. With these, a chemical reaction with the copper cooling plate and resulting deposits can occur if the seal is not sufficiently vulcanized. Over time, the cooling performance may be affected or even coolant may leak. Since this degeneration is a long process, there is no need to rush.

Liquid Freezer II in the affected delivery time
Liquid Freezer II in the affected delivery period (Image: Arctic)

For some products, a chemical reaction may occur between the copper cooling plate and the gasket because the gasket is not sufficiently vulcanized. This reaction of sulfur residues and copper plate can cause deposits which can eventually lead to reduced cooling capacity or even loss of coolant. […] Seal degradation is a slow process that can occur within the 6-year warranty period. So there is no reason to panic. However, we recommend that all affected coolers be serviced as soon as possible.


Products in stores already withdrawn

However, Arctic says it has withdrawn, checked and, if necessary, exchanged all products from the store and its own warehouses. Correspondingly tested coolers can be recognized by the “QC Passed” label.

Owners can (have) replace seal

Owners of the Liquid Freezer II from said delivery period are advised to supply it with a new seal. You can do it through a website. exchange service it must be requested from the manufacturer, who, however, requires the shipment of the refrigerator and, if necessary, a waiting period of several weeks. Alternatively, a free service kit can be ordered for your own repair, which includes the following components:

  • copper plate
  • poetry
  • MX-5 0.8g
  • refrigerant
  • screws

The following video shows that the replacement is relatively easy.

The editors want to thank the many readers for reporting on this news.

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