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Atari ends its strategy around free and mobile games

Atari ends its strategy around free and mobile games

Last April, Atari announced that it was restructuring its activities to establish two distinct branches: Atari Gaming on the one hand, Atari Blockchain on the other. The gaming branch, for its part, aimed to focus on retro games, in the mobile version, on licenses in possession and on the VCS console, announced in the middle of last month on Indiegogo.

This restructuring resulted in a strategy that was supposed to focus on games. free to play and mobiles. However, it is a 180 degree turn that the company just took by opting to return to the latter to, conversely, focus on premium games on PC and consoles.

The abandonment of the initial strategy and its replacement was just announced at the company’s board of directors meeting yesterday. When it comes to mobile games, Atari wants to retain those who have a strong player base and continue to thrive. As for the other mobile softs, they will be sold or closed permanently.

For Atari, the idea now is to capitalize on experiences with larger budgets. To do this, the company plans to develop a series of premium games that will be distributed on all platforms. First arrivals should point their noses before the end of the current fiscal year, that is, before the end of March 2022.

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