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Ξεκινάει ηλεκτρονικό φακέλωμα στα ΙΧ και φέρνει πρόστιμα

Start an electronic file on the cars and bring fines.

The collection of all the elements of a car in a service, which will be accessible both for the owner and for supervisory authorities, foresees the draft law of the Ministry of Digital Government for the Property Registry of Greece.

This is one Electronic file which will include all the details that relate to a vehicle such as:

– The issuance of the marketing authorization.
– The payment of traffic charges.
– The history of technical inspection
– Whether you are insured or not.

The above data will be accessible through unified digital vehicle information service (“MyAuto” and “Audit-Car”), which will be provided by the Single Digital Portal of the Public Administration (Ε.Δ.Π.).

Collecting all the data in one service will pave the way for sending fine notices to thousands of vehicle owners, who do not bring their cars under the control of KTEO.

Article 31

In particular, article 31 provides for the implementation by the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems (GGPS.DD) of electronic vehicle information services (“myAuto” and “Audit-Car”), through the Unified Digital Portal of Public Administration. (Ε.Δ.Π.).


1. Digital services are created with the names “myAuto” and “Audit-Car”, which is developed, administered and provided, through the Unified Digital Portal of the Public Administration (, by the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems (GGPSDD), of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

two. Via myAuto digital service, vehicle owners have access, in real time, to information relating to their vehicle relating, in particular, to:

a) the date of issue and revocation of the marketing authorization and the other key elements thereof;
b) the date of payment of the registration fees;
(c) the period of valid insurance coverage and the history of insurance claims;
d) the history of the Vehicle Technical Inspection Center in Greece or abroad if the vehicle was imported used, based on the crossings and the kilometers traveled,
(e) the type and model of the vehicle;
(f) temporarily stop the vehicle;
(g) technical inspection of the vehicle; Y
h) its inclusion in the Register of Stolen Vehicles of the Greek Police.

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Vehicle controls can access the same information through it. “Audit-Car” digital service.

For this purpose, the above digital services are interconnected with the information systems of public sector organizations in the sense of section 57 of article 2 of Law 4727/2020 (A ‘184), and in particular of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE), the Hellenic Police and the Auxiliary Fund for Civil Liability Insurance for Automobile Accidents.