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Attack on Nvidia: blackmailers demand the removal of the mining brake

The veil over the recent attack on Nvidia’s IT infrastructure appears to be slowly lifting. There are probably no state powers behind the action, but simply blackmailers interested in crypto mining.

A group called Lapsus$ is said to be behind the attack, which made several Nvidia servers unavailable for days. In the course of the attack, the latter claims to have captured around a terabyte of data from the group’s systems. The fact that this is true was supported by the publication of a series of passwords encrypted by Nvidia employees.

However, the captured data is said to include much deeper internal company information, such as driver code and firmware, as well as current product circuit diagrams, such as the magazine. computer bleeding informed. The company should have some interest that this data does not necessarily fall into the hands of the competition.

the attack is confirmed

The attackers mainly want to extort money and threaten to publish the information. In addition, however, Lite Hash Rate (LHR) technology is also explicitly mentioned, which the attackers are said to be offering for sale. And of course, between the lines, one demands that the company offer the ability to remove the LHR from graphics cards.

Nvidia introduced the technology some time ago and is primarily responsible for ensuring that the graphics cards in question cannot be used effectively for crypto mining. The goal was to ensure that there was finally enough product available for regular game camp customers.

So far, Nvidia has only officially confirmed that there was an attack. They did not want to publish any more information as investigations are still ongoing. However, internally and with law enforcement authorities, discussions are more likely to take place on how the matter should be handled now.

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