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Attention game fans!  Nanoleaf and CORSAIR are now partners!

Attention game fans! Nanoleaf and CORSAIR are now partners!

Attention game fans! Nanoleaf and CORSAIR become partners. That means all Nanoleaf RGB products will be able to sync with CORSAIR iCUE gaming peripherals in the future! This allows for a special type of gaming experience.

Nanoleaf and CORSAIR are now partners

Great news for all gaming enthusiasts, because the makers of high-end gaming tech and smart lighting, Nanoleaf and CORSAIR, are now partners. For you, this means a special gaming experience. From now on, the devices of both companies can be synchronized. By synchronizing lighting with peripheral devices, an interactive system is created that includes intuitive control.

Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf says:

Since our community has shown great interest in this integration, we are very excited to introduce the new Nanoleaf x CORSAIR integration.

Our users love to be creative and create their own personalized experiences. With this new integration, you can do exactly that. We can’t wait to see how our users will transform the way they play their favorite games with vibrant scenes and dynamic light shows.

Create your own environment

You can access 13 preset lighting effects and creatively express yourself with your own design options using the “Custom Profile Creator”. Configuration and customization is done using the Nanoleaf or CORSAIR iCUE app on the desktop. This requires installing the iCUE software to activate the Nanoleaf integration in the iCUE app. After that, everything goes its own way fully automatically.

Nanoleaf is ubiquitous in gaming, and CORSAIR has long been a leader in RGB peripherals. That’s why we’re very excited to officially work together,” said Bertrand Chevalier, CORSAIR Executive Vice President and General Manager of Gaming. It was natural for us to work together to create the best possible experience with the iCUE software. We look forward to seeing what great moments our community will create with this new integration.