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Battlefield 6: Incredible Announcement with Fan Surprise News

Battlefield 6 is the next game in the famous EA Games series, which is apparently preparing its official reveal later this day, which has already started to move fans around the world, especially since the title is expected by many people.

Battlefield 6 would be officially unveiled today, and on June 15, a beta would be offered to the most popular gamers streaming live on YouTube, Twitch, etc., but also to other influencers who are meant to promote it.

Battlefield 6 would come with huge maps, which would be divided into sectors, capturing each one and capturing the entire sector, which could not be recaptured, as in current versions of the game, which would be a huge change.

Battlefield 6 would follow be very focused on team play, with a “specialist” in each of them, while on the side of the weapons it will be possible to change them during the game, and as a novelty, the vehicles will no longer appear only in bases / control points , but players can “call” as needed, with limited availability.

Battlefield 6 might be called Battlefield 2042, in fact, but we don’t have anything official yet, but if it will be released today, a public beta is expected later this month, before July starts.

Attachment system: you can keep / have two attachments on your character that you can change. If you have a Kriss vector and want to add a vertical grip, take your red dot and add an ACOG, you can do it on the fly, if you’re in your character. You can change a small shop with a drum. You can take a rifle and take out the stock and barrel extension to lighten it at far and near distances (Suppressor / Compensator / Choke)

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– Mechanic from SQUAD & Heroes from Battlefront 2 (called “Professionals” in 2042) You can have one (professional) specialist per class on your team, they are not supercharged, but they have a gadget or two that will make them worth playing. It’s unique. The practitioner of the doctor has a healing arrow, he can heal people within his reach. Each team has the ability to unload vehicles, mainly jeeps and quadricycles.

– Information on maps and game modes: the maps are the largest in the history of the battlefield. To capture a sector, you need to capture the points within it. Each sector can vary from 3 to 4 points. Once you have captured a SECTOR that you own, you cannot get it back. A sector is the size of a battlefield map (medium-sized maps in Battlefield 3) – the map, called SHELF, takes place in Antarctica, a large rock, as well as Damavand Peak in Battlefield 3, but much, much larger. Sectors at the top of the map, if you own a sector, you will waste your time doing everything you want for a while in the game. You can capture a sector at the top of the rock, when you have that downtime, you can capture the sector at the bottom of the rock.

The main goal in BF2042 is to be team-based, plan ahead, and execute those plans (not literally, but within a group of friends). Rush returns, a strong focus on teamwork and not monopoly.