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France 2: "Les Z'amours" replaced by a Nagui game

France 2: “Les Z’amours” replaced by a Nagui game

The days of “Z’amours” are over in France 2. At the beginning of the school year, the channel will broadcast a new game in the same time slot, from 11:15 am to noon. According to our information, it is the project entitled “To each one in turn” that was selected. And its author is not unknown to viewers: Nagui! The idea of ​​what will give way to Laurence Boccolini noon ? Mix two foreign concepts belonging to the Banijay group, of which his company Air Productions is part, to make a single program.

The first: “Avanti un altro”, Endemol / Shine format, which was successful in Italy since 2011 and that TF 1 planned to broadcast in 2017 under the title “Next”, with Christophe dechavanne to animation, before launching the telenovela “Tomorrow belongs to us.” In this mainstream entertainment, the candidates appear one after the other to try to take the place of a champion and win up to 250,000 euros. The second: “Cash ball”, another home broadcast format in Germany, where duos of participants throw balls into the holes after answering a series of questions. With the goal of hitting the jackpot or at least staying in the game.

Bruno Guillon in animation

At the show, “Z’amours” regulars will meet Bruno Guillon, who was sure to stay with the same box. In mid-April, he had tested the mechanics of “Each in turn” on the set of “Don’t forget the lyrics”. The first shootings will take place the last week of June, in a completely new environment.

Nagui’s protégé had also participated in the pilot of two other projects in competition. On the one hand, a creation produced by A Prime (“Joker”, “Météo à la carte” …), entitled “A formidable team”, where two groups formed by friends, members of the same family or colleagues (such as ” A family in gold “) clash over general issues. On the other, an Ah! Production, which belongs to the same group as Sony Picture France, producer of “Z’amours” for 26 years. This company has opted for another French creation, around questions of general culture.