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Best Portable Games 2021: 5 Recommended Titles

Best Portable Games 2021: 5 Recommended Titles

On these pages, we often talk about brilliant new games designed to run on PC and consoles most interpretive of the moment. But it can’t be ignored that there are a multitude of portable titles, often less ambitious but certainly no less fun, that are worth trying first-hand, especially if we don’t have access to the more powerful counterparts. This usually happens when you go on vacation and then walk away from our beloved next-gen consoles, but you certainly don’t want to risk running out of your daily dose of pixels, do you? Here it is 5 games that we recommend you take on vacation.


1. Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster hunter rise

© Capcom

This game follows a very simple but never trivial structure: each mission requires you to defeat or capture bigger and bigger monsters to upgrade your gear and unlock weapons that are as flashy as they are deadly. The last chapter of Nintendo switch, called Rise, takes us back in time to feudal Japan, where we will have to defend the town of Kamura from the constant attacks of the raging beasts that surround it and satisfy the requests of the locals in difficulty.


2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift

© Riot Games

The famous MOBA for PC has finally arrived on Android and iOS in a modified version to suit the needs of mobile devices. Unlike its computer counterpart, in fact, Wild Rift hosts much shorter and more intense games, also thanks to the fact that the towers that protect the Nexus and inhibitors have been removed. If you like to compete and constantly improve as a player, this is the title for you.


3. Mario Golf: Super Rush

The pet Nintendo he has decided that the time has come to return to sport: golf, in particular. To the classic precise and never banal gameplay of previous versions of the game, Nintendo seems to have added numerous modes to the formula for solo or multiplayer play. In particular, the one dedicated to Speed ​​Golf seems very interesting, a version of the sport in which whoever enters the hole first wins regardless of the number of strokes they make.


4. Magic: The Gathering Arena

MTG Arena

© Wizards of the coast

The historic Magic cards have finally reached mobile devices with the video game of Wizards of the Coast definitive. Inside are all the latest trading card game games that you can also find on store shelves, a host of constantly updated challenges and events, and the ability to play more specific modes such as draft, sealed. and fight. Without a doubt one of the best digital card games out there.

The Dirt Bike Unchained trailer

Dirt Bike Unchained is the video game dedicated to the world of off-road motocross that offers the most complete and exciting experience currently available in the digital stores of ios me Android. On board the most iconic two-wheelers in the world, you will have to face winding levels through deserts, lagoons and forests with an unprecedented graphic quality and face countless challenges alone or in multiplayer mode with 24 other players.
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