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Better not use this function

Better not use this function

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consume quite a bit of power. But that is also due to the way they are used. Players should do without some features, because there are alternatives that save electricity and money.

Pure gaming machines are no longer modern consoles. With various additional features, they try to convince gamers not to use competing products. What about that power consumption tidy is often a minor matter. Right now in times of skyrocketing energy prices, it pays to take a closer look – because the alternatives are worth it so you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily.

PS5 and Xbox Series X. Streaming is not a good idea

Even if it certainly looks comfortable: the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X shouldn’t be used for streaming. They are simply too power hungry to simply run movies or series on them. The PlayStation 5 treats itself to streaming Netflix in 4K resolution only 70 to 80 watts And then there is the power consumption of the television.

It will be much cheaper if a Streaming device like an Apple TV 4K or Chromecast Ultra is used of Apple TV 4K only requires 6 watts to display high resolution Netflix content chrome cast ultra it is even only a small 3.4 watts. Alternatively, of course, the streaming devices can be dispensed with entirely and the apps can be used on the Smart TV instead.

The Xbox Series X looks a bit better in terms of efficiency, but even Microsoft’s console can’t keep up with the streaming sticks purpose-built for it. In 4K the transmission will be consumes about 46 wattswith 120hz mode on, that’s 57 watts (source: 4K movies)

Consoles: save energy with Full HD instead of 4K

Leaving aside streaming video, you can save quite a bit of power when 4K resolution waived will and instead Full HD is used. It also makes a noticeable difference whether a PS5 or PS4 game is running on PlayStation 5. With the PS4 variant, about half of the electricity can be saved.

Even when turned off, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consume electricity. about him convenient standby you can waive the to reduce energy consumption.

A power plant can store a lot of electricity.

PlayStation 5: Better without Netflix and Disney +

With PlayStation 5, there’s another reason why the console isn’t necessarily suitable for Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. Although the platforms now offer a lot of content in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, the PS5 reverts to normal HDR10 (source: game tips). The best possible picture and the best possible sound are not available on Sony’s console.