Of course, Among Us could not miss the start of the Summer Game Fest 2021! Developer Innersloth has so far revealed secret plans for the future of the surprise hit, suddenly sparking great interest among countless players only years after its initial release in 2020.

After the team behind Among Us worked intensively until recently on the last and now also the largest map in the game, which is called Airship and is playable from March 31 this year, we can now look forward again. .

All the information about the airship map:

Between us: Today is the day: the great airship map is coming!

New modes, new roles, and more

After the new map, Innersloth now apparently wants to focus on other areas. The new roadmap video showed us that you can expect at least one new game mode, at least two new roles, and numerous cosmetic items in the future.

However, the featured features wouldn’t be sorted in a specific order, for example sorted by release date, so don’t let that fool you. Still, the following content is currently in development for Among Us:

  • New mode: Hide and seek
  • New Roles: Sheriff and Scientist (Sheriff and Investigator)
  • New colors (coral, light brown, pink, maroon, banana, gray) and leathers
  • cosmetic items for the visor area (masks, beards, glasses, etc.)
  • Achievements
  • Card 5 (mini teaser, no further details)

Die Among Us Roadmap im Video