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Chubb launches its Internet of Things (IoT) service in Colombia

Chubb launches its Internet of Things (IoT) service in Colombia

This tool allows risk management to insured companies through integrated monitoring of their critical systems, Chubb said.

This technology makes it easier for insured companies to monitor, in real time, their operation and anticipate to deal with situations that could affect their safety and operational continuity. See more In companies.


Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and liability insurance company, through a pilot test with one of its healthcare clients, launched in Colombia its new Internet of Things service (IoT).

It is about the application of technological innovation tools to risk management that allows insured companies integrated monitoring of their critical systems, in real time, strengthening the culture of prevention and anticipating events that may affect their operational continuity. From any location and at any time by means of a laptop, tablet or cell phone, the client can act, taking appropriate treatment and improvement measures.

“With the IoT service, it is possible to monitor critical variables for customers and reduce costs due to unattended alerts. Its benefits are reflected in the continuous improvement of processes, risk mitigation and better control over daily operations, ”said Manuel Obregón, president of Chubb Seguros Colombia.

Currently, according to a survey conducted by Accenture, worldwide the 39% of large insurance companies are already working on IoT-related products and services and 44% believe that this business segment will become increasingly important, taking into account that by 2025 there will be more than 50 billion connected devices in the world.

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The Chubb IoT Service is developed through the installation of devices that allow the capture of data associated with the operation and / or security and through the parameterization of alerts, in real time, it allows to notify policyholders about situations that require intervention at different levels alerting.

“IoT has the particularity of providing great flexibility, since it allows collecting data from equipment, such as fluids or levels, monitored directly from the equipment or with the installation of relatively simple monitoring accessories. This allows that, in real time, alerts or alarms are generated that trigger immediate actions to avoid an adverse event or minimize it, ”said Hernán Cantillo, manager of Risk Engineering, P&C, for Chubb’s Latin America. “In addition, the information collected and properly organized, allows the client to make risk management decisions, promoting a culture of prevention,” he added.

At Chubb, this service is always coordinated by experienced risk engineers, who can recommend an action plan based on the particular characteristics of each company and its facilities. “The organization of the data and the setting of the conditions that will be monitored, as well as the advice on mitigation actions of each stage of the process are the key to a successful implementation of an IoT project”, noted Camilo Perdomo, Engineer of Chubb Colombia P&C Risks.

“It is a service tailored to our clients that involves the criticality of their operation and increases the reliability of their protections. On the other hand, it allows evaluating trends for decision making based on the design, installation, configuration, documentation and support with the insured ”, he said.

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This project was developed by the Risk Engineering area of ​​Chubb, which has a team of specialized professionals who provide the insured with permanent advice, assess the needs of all types of businesses and transform your risk management efforts into savings and tangible benefits in policies.

“At Chubb, technological innovations are at the service of our customers. We seek to develop a long-term relationship as strategic allies offering added value in all risk management stages and processes, ”Obregón concluded.

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