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Biggest video game surprise hit in 2020

Biggest video game surprise hit in 2020

A gorgeous and realistic world with lush greenery and lush landscapes? check. Freedom to go anywhere and do whatever you want? Please double check. An anime-style protagonist whose mission is to find the missing twins after leaving while traveling to a distant world? Triple check.

Developer miHoYo Genshin Impact With everything needed to be a blockbuster, potential players were initially drawn to the aesthetic and gorgeous animation of the anime. But it looked very familiar. Almost exactly, some people say: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Cooking, fighting, exploring.

on the other hand Genshin Impact It shares some similarities with Nintendo’s very popular Zelda sequel, but undermines its unique influence of writing it down as a “copycat” game with little to offer. The reality is a wide world full of new areas and content to discover, satisfying battles, challenging puzzles, and grinds where everyone can come back in search of more.

There is a reason why it has become gross Over $ 393 million In just two months on its debut mobile device, it has become the second largest mobile game in history.Not bad for an “anime game,” a derogatory phrase that many have cast Genshin Impact To undermine its success. It’s free to play, but it doesn’t fall into the same trap as any other game in this genre. With enough world, not only can you reach a satisfying endgame, but you too can reach a satisfying endgame. You can collect all the characters available to explore the fantasy world of Tevyat.

on the other hand Genshin Impact It is available on multiple platforms, including PCs and consoles. The fact that such beautiful and smooth games can be realized on mobile and provide such a comprehensive experience is amazing. Perhaps the only real surprise about its success is that people aren’t tired of hearing the companion character Paimon yet. She may be a little gridded.

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Among us

Courtesy of Inner Sloth

Are you listening? I don’t know how or why Innersloth’s online multiplayer game Among us It is basically sus that reached the height achieved in 2020. No one could have predicted how this unpretentious game would catapult to such popularity, especially since it was first released two years ago in 2018.

Setup is easy. 4 to 10 players gather on the spaceship. In this suspenseful werewolf game, a small number of players are selected as the “scammers” in each round. Throughout the three maps, a regular player called a “crewmate” (similar to a chunky astronaut with few recognizable features) is required to complete a series of tasks around the ship. Scammers need to complete tasks at the same time as “real” players, but their job is to hinder the progress of crewmates and even kill them. The idea is to figure out which team is actually a scammer before the sabotage is successful or all crew members are eliminated.

It’s as easy to understand as the devil, but like any other game with a social element, all new games are different and very difficult to conquer as human players approach them in different ways. .. The game gained a few followers in 2018, but streamers such as Sodapoppin, Pokimane, xQc, Shroud, Ninja, and PewDiePie finally joined in to stream exploits in the game until 2020.