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Blockade boosts Yorkshire video game developers

Blockade boosts Yorkshire video game developers

Team17, a global video game developer, said 2020 results will be better than expected after more revenue and revenue have increased as more consoles are used during the coronavirus blockade. It was.

Team17 has announced the acquisition of Golf With Your Friends for £ 12m.
Team17 has announced the acquisition of Golf With Your Friends for £ 12m.

The Wakefield-based company, best known for the Worms video game franchise, said revenue surged 34% and revenue increased 36% over the year to December 31st. The company said 2020 is “a special and challenging year for many.”

The group said its growing portfolio was strong in late 2020, especially during the peak Christmas trading season.

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Despite the constant changes in labor restrictions as a result of the pandemic, we launched nine titles in the second half of the year.

Additions to the Worms, Escapists, and Overcooked franchises are part of the 12 titles launched this year on various platforms, enhancing their diverse gaming portfolio.

The group said it was particularly pleased with its peak performance in November and December and maintained strong retail prices in the face of a fiercely competitive environment. He said this is a testament to both the quality of the portfolio and the competent commercial team.

Team17 monitors the manufacturing and supply chain challenges facing next-generation and existing gaming hardware, as well as the effects of prolonged pandemics, uncertain macroeconomics and potential headwinds in the consumer environment. These are ongoing and are expected to be important considerations in 2021.

The company said it is looking ahead to 2021 with confidence in its ability to keep the pipeline and team building a business.

New launches include Worms Rumble and Overcooked: All You Can Eat on more platform, Rogue Heroes, The Unliving, Epic Chef, Super Magbot, Greak: Memories of Azur, Honey I Joined a Cult, and Hokko Life.

Team17 also announced the acquisition of Golf With Your Friends (GWYF) for £ 12m.

GWYF is a multiplayer golf video game created by Australian developer Blacklight Interactive and published by Team17.

The acquisition will allow Team17 to expand both its portfolio and franchise footprint, allowing the group to increase first-party IP and create additional opportunities to extend the life cycle of existing games. This includes more downloadable content, as well as a survey of potential sequels and other opportunities for GWYFIP.

Team17 CEO Debbie Bestwick said: “2020 is definitely a year we will never forget in a hurry and will also provide insight into the challenges we can expect from the workforce in 2021.

“The board and I are very happy with the financial results, but we are even more happy with the resilience and dedication that Team Star and label partners have shown to offer, launch and sell the complex games we created in 2020. I will. “

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