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the best to learn with joy and fun

the best to learn with joy and fun

The best apps for kids to introduce them to the world of writing and reading, some of them will be just plain fun

One of the things that differentiates the new generations from the old ones is undoubtedly the use of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, applications, the Internet and other technological devices. How many times have we said the fateful phrase “In my time this was not there “? However, even if we were still young parents of an 80/90 generation, many habits and ways of life have changed dramatically. Our 4, 5 and 6 year old children can already become deeply familiar with technology, even before learning to read and write! So why not take advantage of what they already use easily by teaching them the basics to learn new concepts with fun? Let’s find out together three applications to download on your smartphone or really interesting and useful tablets

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Apps for children: we discover the best ones to entertain the little ones with fun

Taking advantage of what advances in technology have allowed in recent years, especially with children, can be a great way to spend time constructively. As many pediatricians recommend, it is always advisable to let children older than 3/4 years use mobile devices and check the time they spend playing. But let’s see together 3 fun apps for kids, just find them in your mobile phone store and click the install button:

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  • ABC gurus: This fun application will teach children the letters of the alphabet through fun little educational games. They will be able to recognize them one by one with the possibility of coloring them, personalizing them and choosing those that are in uppercase, lowercase or italics. The graphics are simple, intuitive and we are sure it will be quite useful.

    We can take advantage of the possibility of taking pictures with your mobile phone, asking our children to take some, giving them a specific theme. This will allow them to develop ingenuity, imagination and creativity.

  • Super ABC: This other application is quite useful when children have to start writing letters. Using clear and simple graphics, you can reproduce them with your finger directly on the mobile phone screen. In addition, this application can teach you the sounds, pronunciation and how to memorize each letter.
  • Montessori preschool: This interesting application will allow children to become familiar not only with letters, but also with words and numbers, inspired by the Montessori method. Several fun interactive games will allow them to memorize, experiment and learn words, symbols and numbers.

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