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Bons plans iOS: Monster Hunter Stories, Pirates Outlaws, Rest

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Today’s iOS Tips: 3 Free Apps, 4 Free Games, and 3 Promotions including Monster Hunter Stories, Pirates Outlaws, Rest. The chance to save € 48.6!

Every day, the editorial team looks for the best deals of the day in the App Store: free app, free game or limited-time offer. If an iOS app tempts you, hurry up and download it during the sale! Developers can raise the price at any time, it is also a good deal for the iPhone or a good deal for the iPad.


Free iOS Apps:

rest icone app ipa iphone ipadBreak (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.48, 95 Mo, iOS 11.0, Olivia Rivera) changed from € 3.49 to free.

Sleep fast with over 100 soothing sleep sounds, good bedtime stories, soothing meditations, and soothing music. Customize your own sleep soundtrack with your favorite natural sounds and white noise so you can rest easy through the night.

Escape from stress, anxiety and sleep better by taking a journey to calm your mind with our guided meditations that bring you peace and happiness. You can also download the meditations and stories to continue listening when you are offline or in airplane mode.

The +:

  • A great sleep aid

Download the free app Break

break capture app ipa iphone ipad

constant icone app ipa iphone ipadStable (App, iPhone / iPad, v0.1.5, 83 Mo, iOS 10.0, Tinybiohacks Private Limited) changed from € 4.49 to free.

Steady offers four different breathing programs: box, triangle, relaxation, and ujjayi pranayama. Swipe to switch between programs and tap to see benefits. You can also create custom breathing patterns and techniques.

Steady includes male and female audio cues, vibration cues, daily reminders, cool stats, winning badges, and the ability to play background music.

The +:

  • Breathing to relieve stress

Download the free app Stable

constant capture app ipa iphone ipad

security photo video icone app ipa iphone ipadSecurity photo and video (App, iPhone / iPad, v7.0.5, 71 Mo, iOS 10.0, Sixbytes PLT) changed from € 2.29 to free.

How about having a safe on your phone to keep your photos or videos hidden from view? Here’s what the Safety app offers …

Choose a password and protect your different data!

The +:

  • Possibility to protect with Touch ID

Download the free app Security photo and video

ipa iphone ipad security photo video capture app

Free iOS Games:

talking carl icone jeu ipa iphone ipadTalking Carl (Game, entertainment, iPhone / iPad, v9.5, 66 MB, iOS 9.0, changed from € 1.09 to free.
Carl is a beast that repeats everything you say, but with a really funny voice.

Other animations are also possible, as you can play music, interact with it, or even send it lightning.

The +:

  • A very fun game
  • A friend in your pocket

Download the game for free Talking Carl

talking carl capture jeu ipa iphone ipad

pako game icon ipa iphone ipadpackage (Jeu, Course, iPhone / iPad, v1.19, 139 Mo, iOS 8.0, Tree Men Games) changed from € 2.29 to free.
You are in a closed area. It is not possible to escape. How long are you going to last? Here’s a new genre – the survival car!

With its 3D isometric view, you have to drive or rather pilot to escape enemies, policemen and others who want to annihilate you. The levels are all different and the challenge is very real.

Fun and originality, it feels good!

The +:

Download the game for free package

pako catching game ipa iphone ipad

pirates outlaws ipa game icon iphone ipadOutlaw Pirates (Game, Strategy, iPhone / iPad, v3.20, 207 MB, iOS 9.0, Fabled Game Limited) changed from € 1.09 to free.
Play cards, build your deck to get the best combos! In “Outlaw Pirates” you can choose a character with a pre-made deck. Explore and manage your expedition to get more gold and reputation.
Manage your deck and ammo to crush enemy strategy in a turn-based combat system.

The path to becoming a respected and wealthy pirate will not be easy!

Download the game for free Outlaw Pirates

pirates outlaws capture game ipa iphone ipad

little orchestra game icon ipa iphone ipadSmall orchestra (Game, Education, iPhone / iPad, v1.8, 290 MB, iOS 8.0, Bamboo Kids) changed from € 3.49 to free.

Create your own orchestra and listen to a melody played with your favorite musical instruments from around the world! Study musical instruments and their sounds with this fun game.

Test your knowledge with a quiz with three levels of difficulty. The sound of classical musical instruments will captivate your child for a long time, and their interest will be captured by additional mini-games that will enrich their knowledge.

The +:

  • For the kids: show them the instruments

Download the game for free Small orchestra

little orchestra catch game ipa iphone ipad

IOS promotions:

hidden people ipa game icon iphone ipadHidden people (Game, Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v2.0.6, 212 MB, iOS 10.0, Adriaan de Jongh) increased from € 6.99 to € 2.29.

Look for hidden characters in interactive, hand-drawn, and miniature landscapes. Open tents, trim bushes, close doors and provoke alligators! The destination banner at the bottom of the screen shows you what to look for.

A game like “Where’s Charlie?” They have beautiful graphics and very intuitive gameplay.

to download Hidden people up to € 2.29

hidden people catch jeu ipa iphone ipad

60 seconds atomic adventure ipa game icon iphone ipad60 seconds! Atomic adventure (Game, Adventure / Simulation, iPhone / iPad, v1.27.9, 328 MB, iOS 7.0, Robot Gentleman sp. Z oo) increased from € 5.49 to € 1.09.
The 60 Seconds game! takes you to a game of survival and exploration: you will have to collect supplies and save your family before a nuclear bomb explodes.

To stay alive in your shelter, you will have to make some difficult decisions that could sadly end your entire family.

It’s great, addictive, and very addictive!

The +:

  • The stressful but superior concept
  • Decision making

to download 60 seconds! Atomic adventure up to € 1.09

60 second atomic adventure capture jeu ipa iphone ipad

monster hunter stories ipa game icon iphone ipadMonster Hunter Stories (Game, Adventure, iPhone / iPad, v1.00.00, 3.7 GB, iOS 8.0, CAPCOM) increased from € 21.99 to € 5.49.
There is a world where people used to live by hunting monsters. But a small town decided to adopt a different way of life.

These are the Riders, the ones who communicate with monsters.

Riders live in harmony with monsters and form an unbreakable bond with them, thanks to mysterious artifacts called Gems of Friendship.

Monsters that befriended the Riders are nicknamed Monsties. By becoming a rider, you can tame Monsties and ride them to explore the world. Go on an adventure without delay!

to download Monster Hunter Stories up to € 5.49

ipa iphone ipad monster hunter story capture game

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