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Clean PS4 with simple tips

If you forget to clean the PS4 for a long time, it may become very noisy during the game. Not only is this annoying, but it can also lead to unexpected failure if it overheats due to a large amount of dust.

This is why it is worth cleaning your beloved PS4 at regular intervals. This is for lighter cleanings. without unscrewing the console possible. If you don’t want to do the cleaning yourself, it’s worth taking a look at the costs of professional cleaning.

In this guide we provide information on possible contacts for professional cleaning and how to make the console itself shine in new splendor.

PS4 professional cleaning cost

If you do not want to do the cleaning yourself, it is not difficult to find numerous offers. You can have the PS4 cleaned at Saturn or Media Markt, for example. There, the repair service also takes care of cleaning the Playstation in more than 250 locations.

If you have a GameStop nearby, you can also take your PS4 there for a deep cleaning. The dealer charges for this service. a cleaning fee of approximately €70. Prices may vary by store and console model. It is best to find out the exact costs before going to the branch.

Clean PS4 yourself: with tips and tricks for a clean console

If the console gets dusty, noise pollution from the console increases significantly. Around to eliminate noise and at the same time increase the life of the high-quality console, there are some tips:

  1. First, the vents on the back of the PS4 need to be vacuumed. It is essential to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is not set to the highest level. Otherwise it can happen that dust particles are transported even deeper into the console.
  2. Alternatively, compressed air can be used to loosen dust particles. Also it is important to be careful here.
  3. Stubborn dirt can be removed from the console with cotton swabs, for example.
  4. After cleaning is complete, the console can be put back into operation.

If you’re not interested in constantly cleaning your PS4, there are a few points worth paying attention to. the Console airflow must not be hindered. This happens, for example, when the console is placed too close to the walls. In addition, it compensates PS4 surrounding areas regularly cleaned of dust. So you have no way to get into the console.