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Cleaning the house with cats and dogs: our advice in a nutshell!

Cleaning the house with cats and dogs: our advice in a nutshell!

The hair of our dogs and cats ends up everywhere and getting them out of clothes and carpets seems impossible. But keep the house clean when we have one or more four-legged companions it’s not that difficult, actually. Here are the editorial tips: From hair to stains, from odor to scratches, we’ll show you that having a tidy home is not a dream!

Clean cats and dogs … clean house!

The first step in avoiding stains and dandruff is to make sure our friends around the house are clean. Fundamental is brush them: both for dogs and cats the frequency with which we must do it varies according to the length of the hair, as an indication, once or twice a week and more often when they change their hair (the so-called “mute”). amount of hair around the house will shrink considerably!

And the bathroom? As for cats, being very clean and hygienic animals, a bath will only be necessary if, perhaps after a trip, they return particularly dirty. The case of dogs is different: the need for a bath varies greatly from person to person and how dirty they get playing in the garden or during walks. There are also breeds that have “self-cleaning” hair and that hardly ever need to be washed, like Huskies or Belgian Shepherds, for example. However, we always talk to the vet, because too frequent baths cause serious skin problems in dogs!

Photo by AlexTino

The sandbox

One of the problems for cat owners can be the smell from the litter box. Contrary to what we might think, Scented bedding and air fresheners should be avoided. Pungent smells, in fact, annoy cats. Then how? Our advice is to remove the feces and urine from the litter box every day and change it once a week. Forever the litter box should be washed weekly using hot water and dish soap.

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Scratches on furniture

But the difficulties faced by those who have a cat at home are not limited to the litter box. Often, in fact, cats love to fill furniture with scratches. How to make them stop? Organize objects made to scratch. In addition to a traditional scraper, we can also try cardboard or wood to see what material our friend prefers. Also, we can use catnip to entice you to spend time in the designated area. Let’s put his favorite toys near the scratcher and reward him with a snack when he uses it.

When are the spots no longer disappearing?

What to do if our dog enters the house with dirty paws and stain the carpet? Or if the cat vomited on it? As remove the stain? One solution is to pour baking soda on the affected part and let it dry. Once dry, we vacuum. If the stain has not yet disappeared, pour a little sparkling water and rub it with paper (toilet or kitchen paper) without rubbing. These easy steps will help remove even the stubborn stains! A very effective idea? Remove the rugs!

Last but not least: hair!

Here we come across one of our biggest concerns: how do we remove their hair, which seems to stick everywhere, from our sofas to our clothes? Here are some options:

  • Use a clothes brush;
  • Use a brush (or roller) adhesive;
  • Wrapping packing tape around a hand and pass it over the surface from which we want to remove the hair, so that they are stuck to it;
  • Mix a part of liquid fabric softener for fabrics with three parts of water, spray on the surface to be treated, wait a few hours and vacuum.
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By following these tips, it will be easier to reconcile the presence of four-legged friends with a clean and tidy home!