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Windows 10 21H1 begins to be tested by Insiders: news and changes

Windows 10 21H1 begins to be tested by Insiders: news and changes

Until 2 years ago, Microsoft launched two big updates in Windows 10, which could cause major crashes in the system by not testing them thoroughly. Therefore, they decided to launch a large update at the beginning of the year, and a small one at the end that was installed on top of the first. In this way, the risk of incompatibilities was reduced.

Two minor updates in a row for Windows 10

This year they are going to take it even more calmly, since indeed everything indicates that 21H1 it’s going to be a minor update that will be installed on top of the current base version of Windows 10, which is May 2020 Update. In this way, May 2020 Update (20H1), you will receive two fewer updates, something that had not happened to date.

Microsoft has already finalized the big changes that it will include in 21H1, which, as we say, will be a kind of Service package. It will be available between April and May, where delays are not expected as you have more than four months to test it thoroughly. Insiders are already receiving the latest version where they can try all their news.

The news of this version will be included little by little in the monthly updates of Windows 10, and when the launch day arrives, a small patch will be released that will enable them all. If you come from a old version of Windows, the patch will occupy 3 GB. If you come from October 2020 Update (20H2), the patch will be just under 500MB.

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What’s new in Windows 10 21H1

Among the novelties of 20H2 we find small and interesting changes that will make our lives easier, such as:

  • Show the architecture of each process in the task manager (x64 or x86)
  • Make it easier to change DNS
  • Enable DNS over HTTPS by default
  • Bring the Disk Management tool to the Settings menu
  • Easier to choose whether to use the dedicated or integrated GPU
  • Cortana Time can find and open files
  • Disk defragmentation improvements
  • New emoji selector
  • Linux and WSL enhancements
  • Linux files in file explorer
  • Sound settings improvements

All of this is a preparation for what is to come in the second half of the year with 21H2, which will bring numerous changes to the Windows 10 interface, including File Explorer, and new icons in Windows 10 and items that come from Windows 10X. This new redesign has been dubbed Sun Valley as a code name. Microsoft has not been able to have the new update in time for the first half of the year, and therefore they have decided to wait and make sure they can launch it with guarantees that they will not break anything.