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CNC Robot Arm – Leveraging Robotic Arms to Boost Your CNC Production

A few years back, entrepreneurs had to pay specialists to deploy robotic arm units in their operations. Today, CNC manufacturing appliances come with preset options to program and connect the arm by yourself. Still, companies should determine whether or not they should automate their applications seeing that robots can be costly.

CNC machining is critical in today’s evolving era of advanced manufacturing. Read on to learn more about CNC production and how you can boost the process with robots.

Understanding CNC

CNC (computerized numerical control) is a computerized production procedure where pre-programmed code and software regulates the movement of manufacturing equipment. CNC machining regulates various complex machinery like turning mills, lathes, and grinders. Which are ideal for cutting, shaping, and developing various models and parts.

CNC machinists combine various components of technical drawings, mechanical design, computer programming skills, and mathematics to generate various plastic and metal parts. CNC operators are capable of converting a sheet of paper into a critical automobile part or even an airplane.

CNC Machine Basics

Computer numerical control machines are automated tools run by computers operating pre-programmed controlled command sequences. CNC machines substitute manually operated outdated gadgets which are controlled by levers or hand wheels.

Today, advanced CNC machines operate via CNC machining language referred to as G-code. The language communicates the accurate measurements for manufacturing such as speed, feed rate, coordination, and location.

Unlike the risky and old factory machines that companies used before, the current mechanical parts and CNC systems design are automated. The mechanical dimensions of the parts are defined with computer-aided design software.

They are, then interpreted into manufacturing commands with computer aided manufacturing software. Having CNC programmers and machinists capable of operating these advanced machinery is critical.

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When does a Robot become Critical?

CNC automation is crucial for monotonous tasks, hazardous processes within the supply chain, and tasks requiring extreme accuracy. Today, a CNC robot arm is more affordable. Regardless of the cost, this unit can give you value for your money in the long term. Consider calculating your costs as well as the profits.

Break the robot price by five and analyze your production plans. Automating your manufacturing processes will enhance your CNC production, allowing you to accept more new jobs to cater to the robot cost. Consider buying it.

Selecting a CNC Robotic Arm

Different robotic arms are ideal for varying automated manufacturing purposes. Some of them load and unload parts in and out of a machine to accelerate the CNC process. Others can execute welding tasks and assemble some components in a machine.

One of the most efficient and most uncomplicated CNC robots for production companies and model manufacturers should be capable of loading and unloading parts. The arms differ based on how you program them. In the past, the robotic programming process was time-consuming and complex, making it ideal for organizations handling numerous parts or those needing optimal positioning accuracy.

Today, advanced arms capable of learning a cycle are available. To do so, you will need to configure it into the learning mode before moving it manually from the first process to the final one. The CNC robot arm will remember the procedure and simulate your actions. The positioning accuracy may not be as accurate, but programming such an arm takes less time.

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The Key Loading Robotic Arm Advantage

The CNC robotic arm is ideal because when you have a collection of identical parts to produce in a machine tool, you can implement CNC automation on the entire process. The CNC robotic arm will work round the clock until the process is completed.

Requirements for Installation and Configuration of the Robotic Arm

Once you have decided to automate the processes, you need to understand that the CNC robotic arm should communicate with the machine for proper functioning. Remember, the machine tool functions when the arm is stopped and vice versa. The two units do not need to understand each other’s operations. However, they should send and receive a signal to either start or end the cycle.

The CNC Robotic Arm to the Machine Tool

The arm should start functioning when the machine tool has completed processing the part, and the door is open. It has to receive that alert, select the blank, transport it to the machine tool fixture, and release it before assuming its stand-by position. Sometimes there could be variations at the letting go phase.

In some processes, such as turning, the part requires fixing while the clamping process is ongoing.  As a result, the program will be a little complex because the arm will need to alert the lathe, informing it that the clamping phase is due. The lathe will have to alert the arm after completing the clamping process.

The machine tool to the arm

To link the robotic arm to the CNC machine and ensure they communicate and understand one another, you need to be conversant with mechatronics. As an expert, you can link any CNC machining tool to your preferred robotic arm.

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There are various methods of doing so, such as configuring it directly through one of its equipment transmissions or via a USB port.  You can then write a short conversion program to create the output signal for the arm and ensure it is compatible with the machine tool’s programming language.

If you are not a mechatronics expert, find control panels or equipment compatible with your preferred robotic arm. If your CNC machine tool is excluded from the list, consult the manufacturer. They should be able to help you with the configuration. They could even give you manuals to help your CNC organization save costs you would have incurred hiring technicians.

Programming the CNC Machine Tool Door

The CNC machine door plays a critical role in configuring the automated manufacturing process for CNC machining precision. It must close and open automatically, and if your machine lacks this option, you may want to start looking for it. If you have to purchase a new door, understand that it will take time before opening. Consider configuring a delay to ensure the arm can wait to avoid collision as the door opens.


CNC machining generates specific parts in every manufacturing process. These units are programmed to guarantee consistency in every piece. Both small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from deploying these advanced machines in their applications.