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Courage to increase AFK and greefer punishment in the next 1.13 patch

Courage to increase AFK and greefer punishment in the next 1.13 patch

Playing Valorant can often be frustrating when you encounter other players who intentionally throw matches for their own entertainment.However, this kind of action may be nearing its end as Riot Games recently unveiled plans to fight the growing number of AFKs, throwers, greefers and smurfs in the game. Listen to Valorant’s blog post Released today.

To get started, Valorant will change the ranked cue limit from 20 games to 10 wins from the next patch to reduce the number of players participating in AFK in the game.

“I hope this will force players who are nothing more than spam farming games to actually participate in the play and strive for victory,” said producer Sarah Dadafshire.

The riots also claim to be working on “better detection of this type of behavior leading to more severe punishment.”

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Riot’s list of penalties for AFKs, greefers, or smurfs includes “rank penalties, reduced experience, longer cue time limits, and even bans if that’s the cause.” ..

Dadafshar goes on to say: “We distinguish between communication and destructive behavior caused by gameplay and penalize accordingly. We cannot reveal the secrets of the detection plan, but we are proactive in how to make the game more enjoyable in this regard. I know I’m working on!

The riot also states that players may begin planning to develop a system that blocks greefers and prevents them from being queued.

“There are some subtle differences that need to be addressed to prevent a significant increase in cue time, but understand how frustrating it can be when playing against someone you just reported in a previous match. “I am,” said Dadafshire.

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Valorant Patch 1.13 Release Date:

VALORANT patch 1.13 will be removed on December 8th.