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Daybreak Games has a License Agreement with Marvel According to EG7

Daybreak Game has a license agreement with Marvel, according to an EG7 investor report

Over a year ago rumor It was swirling that Daybreak Game had a Marvel license and might be working on Marvel MMO. Rarely do we handle rumors that cannot be fully substantiated, United Global 7 Investor presentations prove that Daybreak Game has been licensed from Marvel sometime in the past, or even now.

As Enad Global 7 Presentation for investors An overview of the current success of the Daybreak Game. Even if you don’t have a Marvel game currently in production, it’s possible to believe that Daybreak’s Marvel license is up to date. The report states that an unreleased game is in production, but it’s clearly premature whether it will use a Marvel license.

Daybreak Game also owns a DC license for superhero games. DC Universe Online.. Having another superhero MMO under the umbrella of Enad Global 7 could open up a lot of possibilities for crossover events like comic fans have wanted to see outside of comics for decades. It could even pave the way for.

Before we go any further, I’m not sure if Daybreak is making the current Marvel game, but I know it’s licensed. We will continue to post you as more information becomes available.

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