You are a fan of Crusader King 3 and you are eager for Xbox Series X | S release on March 29? So there are reasons to be happy. Now you can create your own Crusader King 3 themed Xbox controller. With this you can show the world that you are a true strategist. The Xbox controller looks particularly royal, coming in red and white and offering a beautiful gold D-Pad.

Although the game’s launch is still a few days away, eager ladies and gentlemen can already register at the Xbox Design Lab a single of Crusader Kings III Get inspired controller. Simply go to the Design Lab, scroll down a bit to “Inspired By” and select Crusader Kings. So you can ask for your driver version directly. The individually designed controller costs 69.99 euros. For another 5.99 euros you can get the new rubber handles. If you want, you can also have your own engraving. Here you can, for example, immortalize your gamertag or leave a personal message with up to 16 characters; pay an additional 9.99 euros for this.

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