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CTRL + ?: keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11

CTRL + ?: keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11

With preset key combinations, Windows 11 users can use important features in no time. Here is a selection of particularly useful keyboard shortcuts.

PC professionals often use key combinations when it comes to Windows. With shortcuts, users can often perform a specific function faster than using the mouse. Windows 11 offers countless possibilities; However, the following combinations may be particularly useful, depending on the situation.

Lock computer with a keystroke

  • If you share your PC with multiple users or leave your desk at the office, for example, you can lock your PC in less than a second with “Windows Key + L”. The active profile can also be changed there.
  • Gamers know the old joke of typing “ALT + F4” in chat when someone asks for a key for a specific function in a game. The combination completely closes the running program or game.
  • A program is no longer responding and cannot be closed? Just open the task manager with “CTRL + Shift + ESC”. All running applications and processes are displayed here and can be closed.
  • If you want to check or change something in the settings, please press “Windows Key + I” to get to the overview page.
  • And if you work with many programs open at the same time, you can use “ALT + TAB” to switch between all open applications. Minimized programs can also be selected this way.
  • By the way: With “Windows key + M” all open windows can be minimized at the same time. A currently selected program can be reduced and enlarged again with “Windows Key + Down Arrow”.

Copy, rename, update

  • The following key combinations are particularly useful in the browser and for word processing and when dealing with files: With “STRG + F” users can search websites or text documents for specific words or phrases.
  • The combination “CTRL + A” selects all content on the site or in the program, “CTRL + C” copies all or a previously selected text passage (crops with “CTRL + X”) and “CTRL + V” allows users then insert everything into a document or browser address line. “CTRL + Z” undoes a previously performed action.
  • This also works when working with files. “Windows + E” opens the file explorer, with the key combinations already mentioned, all files in a folder can also be selected, copied and then stored in a new folder. If you want to rename the files just press “F2” and you can also use the abbreviations here.
  • Users can also use the “Print” button to create a screenshot and then paste it into an image editing program with “CTRL + V”.

More browser tips

If you work with multiple tabs in the browser, you can usually open a new one with “CTRL + T” or close a selected tab with “CTRL + W”. A website is reloaded with “F5” and “F11” changes to full screen mode. “CTRL and +” allows users to zoom in, “CTRL and -” to zoom out, and “CTRL + 0” resets the screen to default settings.

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