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DDR5-10000 CL50-120-120-120: G.Skill and Asus achieve a new record with air cooling

Image: G.Skill

Memory manufacturer G.Skill, in cooperation with Asus, has been able to set a new record for air-cooled DDR5 memory. In the end, DDR5-10000 with a CAS latency of 50 clock cycles appeared for the first time, which is already officially above what is known. CPU-Z validator could be validated.

G.Skill and Asus achieve DDR5-10000 with air cooling

G.Skill and Asus jointly managed to accelerate a Trident Z5 series memory module in an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex, which was operated with an Intel Core i9-13900K (test), to a speed of 10,000 MT/s.

The memory components (ICs) installed in the memory modules come from South Korean semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix, as the screenshot of the well-known CPU-Z processor tool reveals.

DDR5 10000 CL50-120-120-120
DDR5 10000 CL50-120-120-120 (Image: G.Skill)

Overall, the two manufacturers had three successful results with DDR5-7800, DDR5-8000 and DDR5-10000, which also demonstrate the memory controller clock speed of the Raptor Lake series CPUs and the Z790 motherboard used with their special topology and only two DIMM slots shown.

DDR5-7800 and DDR5-8000 via Intel XMP 3.0

Memory speeds and times achieved with Intel XMP 3.0 (test) and manual overclocking are quite impressive:

Trident Z5 on Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex
  • 1× 16GB DDR5-10000 CL50-120-120-120 2T*
  • 2× 16GB DDR5-8000 CL40-49-49-128 2T**
  • 2× 16GB DDR5-7800 CL38-47-47-125 2T**

*) with manual overclocking **) with Intel XMP 3.0

According to G.Skill and Asus, all results could be “ordinary air cooling“ and without the use of liquid nitrogen (LN2), which typically cools the main memory to minus 196 degrees Celsius for such record attempts.

The secondary times clearly show that DDR5-7800 and DDR5-8000 are already moving towards production maturity, while DDR5-10000 is still a long way from this state. However, the 7800 MT/s memory kit optimized for Raptor Lake should be available soon.

DDR5-7800 CL38-47-47-125 and DDR5-8000 CL40-49-49-128 (Image: G.Skill)

G.Skill also took advantage of the record attempt to introduce its new DDR5 memory kits for Intel’s Core i 13000 series, ranging from DDR5-6800 CL34 to DDR5-7800 CL38 and, depending on speed, 2x 16GB. or 2× 32 GB GB must be offered.

The new Trident Z5 series memory kits for Raptor Lake
The new Trident Z5 series memory kits for Raptor Lake (Image: G.Skill)