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Developers are preparing public Early Access

Developers are preparing public Early Access

of Michael Miskulin
Fans of the X-Plane series are patiently waiting for the release of the next X-Plane 12 branch. Now the developers have provided a short update and explain how they are preparing for public early access.

Laminar Research’s X-Plane 12 flight simulator will be completed soon. As an alternative to Microsoft Flight Simulator, it can definitely keep up with the king of the genre and even score more points with some enthusiasts on certain details. Now the developers are preparing for public early access.

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X-Plane 12: Developers Update to Early Access

Although the development of X-Plane 12 is already well advanced, the flight simulation will still enter an Early Access phase. Essentially, the team needs to complete the actual flight model. It is in the final cycles of testing. In the meantime, the developers have delivered a short update on X-Plane 12 and Early Access via Twitter. It says: “We are in the process of packaging a build that we feel is a candidate for public early access. Testing will likely start tomorrow and will give us a better idea of ​​the schedule. If this alpha build is accepted, you can start Early Open access for everybody!”

So what exactly would early access look like for X-Plane 12? We do not know for sure. However, the usual procedure on such occasions suggests that the early access version of the flight simulator will be easy to purchase through the developer’s official website or through Steam once it has been released. Based on current information, X-Plane will be available in Early Access for around $60. Buyers will also get parallel access to X-Plane 11 during the Early Access phase.. We’re excited to see what’s new in X-Plane 12 compared to its predecessor. Here, too, the developers have promised an update soon.

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