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iPhone 14 Pro could bring old battery indicator

iPhone 14 Pro could bring old battery indicator

of Maximilian Hohm
Apple could reintroduce the well-known and clear battery indicator with the new iPhone 14. The new iPhone should have enough screen space for this and the beta-tested alternative does not seem to be able to convince. Also, in a first for an iPhone, there’s an always-on display, which must be adjustable. Read more about this below.

Smartphones have become important companions in everyday life and essential for many people. It is important that the mobile companion is properly charged so that you can use it. Apple, therefore, would supposedly bring back a classic feature on the iPhone 14 that would make life much easier for users. Apparently, the classic battery indicator with the battery icon and a percentage next to it should return to the iPhone 14 Pro. This would protect users from the partially unreadable and correspondingly unpopular new icon of iOS 16 beta, which has the percentage in the icon. .

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In the current normal version of Apple’s iOS, the indicator is shaped like a battery and shows the charge level without percentage. If you want to know this exactly, you have to scroll down and look in Control Center, which is not practical. This icon was first introduced on the iPhone X and was later due to the small gap next to the notch, which will be replaced by two individual cutouts on the iPhone 14 Pro, which would provide enough space for proper viewing.

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Current rumors also indicate that when the phone is locked, the cellular connection logos could be moved to the left side of the screen, while the notifications and battery indicator will be placed on the right. The always-on display, used for the first time by Apple, should be fully configurable and display widgets on a user-selectable background. To avoid burning out on the OLED, widgets should fade in and out slowly. Based on the current state, notifications should display at the bottom of the screen for ten seconds before disappearing.

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