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Downloading Instagram Images: How It Works - PC-WELT

Downloading Instagram Images: How It Works – PC-WELT

Do you want to download and save an image, video, reel or story on Instagram? We will show you two different options.

Surely you have come across one or another image on Instagram where you thought: “That would definitely make a good wallpaper on my smartphone.” But how do you get to the image? It is easier than you think. In fact, there are several ways to download content (such as images, videos, reels, or stories) from Instagram.


You don’t need your own Instagram account to download images, videos, reels, or stories. However, you will only be able to download content if the corresponding profiles are publicly available. If Instagram accounts are set to private, only followers accepted by the profile owner can see the posts and theoretically save them. In this case, you will ultimately need your own account.

Secretly viewing Instagram stories: this is how it works anonymously

The simplest way: screenshots

The fastest and easiest way to save Instagram content is with the screenshot feature.

We explain how you can take screenshots and screen recordings on Mac, here how it works on Windows 10. Of course, you can do this on your smartphone as well. For a screenshot on an iPhone, simply press the volume up button on the left edge of the case and at the same time the power button (for devices without a home button) or the home button. You can start a screen recording by opening the iOS control center and pressing the record button.

To take a screenshot on Android phones, press the volume down key and the power key at the same time. Some Android models even offer extended screen capture features like a scrolling screenshot to record even more content. Most of today’s devices also have a factory-installed screen recorder, which you can access through quick settings (pull down the top bar). Otherwise you will find

Screen recording apps also on Google Play Store

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram users cannot see when other users are taking a screenshot or screen recording of their content. Only in Instagram chat will chat participants be shown when someone takes a screenshot of the chat (including photos or videos shared here). Photos, videos, stories, or reels posted regularly are not affected.

The best way: Save Insta

The simple way is not necessarily better: screenshots or screen recordings have the disadvantage that the quality is often not particularly satisfactory. If you want to download the content in high resolution, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the site

    Save Insta

  2. Enter the URL of the Instagram image in the search box. You can access the URL of the image or video by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner of the image and then selecting “Copy link”.

  3. After entering the URL, tap “View”

  4. Wait a moment for the image to load.

  5. Then press “Download image”

You can also use this procedure to download videos, reels, and stories. For the latter, it is enough to copy the complete URL from the web browser, on the smartphone you can also generate a link to copy using the three dots and then enter it in Save Insta.

Can I prevent someone from downloading my Instagram photos?

The idea that strangers can download your personal images without major problems can be terrifying. Basically, you have to think beforehand what you are going to share with the Internet, because it is well known that you do not forget it. Unfortunately, the answer to the question is: No, as a user you cannot completely rule out the possibility of others downloading their own images. However, you can adjust your privacy settings so that the public cannot see your account. This allows you to prevent strangers from accessing your images, videos, reels or stories. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile

  2. Tap the menu symbol in the upper right corner

  3. Go to settings

  4. Touch Privacy

  5. Activate “Private account”

However, you should be aware that each of your confirmed followers can still view and download images from your profile.