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Final Fantasy 9 verrà adattato in una serie animata

Final Fantasy 9 will be adapted into an animated series

The series on Final Fantasy 9 is being produced by Paris-based Cyber ​​Group Studios, which will produce and distribute the animated adaptation.

Of the Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 9 is widely regarded as one of the most prominent.

Following the dark and more sci-fi moods of FF7 and FF8, Final Fantasy 9 moved on to
a more whimsical approach reminiscent of previous Final Fantasy games.

It is often considered one of the best for this reason and will soon be the basis for an adaptation.
animated by the French production company Cyber ​​Group Studios.

The animated series FF9 was recently brought by Kidscreen,
who shared that Paris-based Cyber ​​Group Studios recently
got the rights and started production work.

The product is said to be an animated adaptation aimed at children ages eight to 13, and Cyber ​​Group Studios will handle not only production, but also worldwide distribution, licensing and marketing.

It’s still in its infancy, but Cyber ​​Group CEO Pierre Sissman says he plans to introduce the series to broadcasters within a few months.

The goal will be for the Final Fantasy 9 series to go into full production in late 2021 or early 2022.

Final Fantasy 9 originally came out in June 2000.

The game followed in the footsteps of Final Fantasy 8 in 1999 and took a much more traditional approach to the gameplay despite its (at the time) impressive graphics.

The world was much more based on science fiction than its two predecessors and presented a much brighter tone.

It is still loved by its creator and fans around the world and has since been adapted for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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It still seems like a long way to us to see something concrete from this announcement.

However, the promise of a true Final Fantasy 9 animated series in the near future seems like the show to watch.

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