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Duck Duck Go: Did you protect your email accounts?

Duck Duck Go: Did you protect your email accounts?

InternetDesk – Data privacy is a pervasive issue in the tech world right now. With everything from personal information to backup details being digitized, cybercriminals are caused to target user data. With this, technology companies are taking various precautions to curb cybercrime … to raise awareness among users. Recently, the search engine Duck Duck Go also introduced another new feature related to data privacy. He introduced this feature under the name of Email Protection. Let’s find out how you protect user data …!

How does it work?
Email protection is a mail forwarding feature. To do this, a new domain called @ is being brought in. You can use your other mail services as usual. For example, if you are using the services of Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook … you need to create a duck duck domain with them. Next, you must link Duck Duck Go Mail to your main email accounts. Duck Duck Go scans the email it receives. If there are trackers, viruses, malware, spam messages in the emails to find out the location, device and login details, DuckDuck will remove them. Then it forwards them to the email account of your choice. This will reduce the load on your main mail inbox and protect it from hackers, says Duck Duck Go.

You need to download Duck Duck browser from App Store or Play Store for this feature. Then go to Browser Settings and you will see an option called Email Protection. By clicking on it, you will have the option to join the private playlist. Open it and the function [email protected] will appear. Enter your details and get the duck mail id. However, it is a completely invitation-based feature. That means you have to invite someone else. Your account will then be activated. It is currently only available to beta users. Duck Duck Go said it will be available to all users soon.

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