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eSports Nord eV and Flensburg United collaborate

E-sports: landscape of clubs and university groups hand in hand

The growth within the esports scene in Germany can be measured by a variety of key figures and the growing structure of the topic. Two pieces of the puzzle in this structure are popular sports clubs and university groups. Both areas of esports combine volunteer work, community events, and working for the cause. Electronic sports. By cooperating with each other and intensifying cooperation, synergy effects can be used and range increased. In this way, popular sports clubs can transmit knowledge, infrastructure and experience, while university groups ensure research, scientific work and university games.

To consolidate and intensify this union, the Schleswig-Holsteinische North Sports eV and the university group of the European University of Flensburg and the University of Flensburg (dual campus), in particular Flensburg United, an official cooperation, the participants announced today in a joint press release.

Fabian Bornemann, First President of eSports Nord eV, on this:

“The Flensburg United team created a large, well-functioning college group for esports from scratch. We were convinced by the passion and immense commitment of our Flensburg colleagues. The cooperation will further consolidate and strengthen the Flensburg esports location. We look forward to cooperation. “

The association’s press officer, Timo Schöber, additional:

“Universities will play an increasingly important role in future esports. In many ways: research, science foundations, student projects, recruitment, and games. Not surprisingly, Uniliga has become one of the workhorses on the German mass sports scene. The cooperation with Flensburg United is therefore a logical step for us. “

Also the president of the university group Flensburg United, Leon wheel lathe operator, is looking to the future together:

“ESports Nord eV approached us directly with open arms. With its performance center in Flensburg, the club also has a base for esports in the far north. Our two organizations have already benefited each other in the past and we are very happy that this ‘we’ has now been put on an official basis. “

The club scene and university groups will now work hand in hand, and the cooperation between eSports Nord eV and Flensburg United will begin immediately.

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About eSports Nord eV

ESports Nord eV is a registered association based in Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein. Founded in 2016, the association performs various volunteer tasks in popular sports. These tasks include providing information and advice on the topic of e-sports, introducing the topic of e-sports to schools, universities and youth clubs, imparting skills in the media, including addiction prevention among young people, organizing events and LAN parties, and supporting classic sports. clubs in e-sports projects. In Flensburg, the club maintains its own clubhouse and performance center with an area of ​​about 200 square meters.