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EA denies wanting to integrate ads into its video games

This follows a claim by Simulmedia that cited EA as the top evaluator for video ads in its games.

A few days ago, Simulmedia unveiled PlayerWON, an advertising system integrated into video games that would allow developers and publishers of titles on consoles to have a source of income in addition to the purchase of games and microtransactions. The operation of this system is quite simple, players can watch short videos, from 15 to 30 seconds, which would allow them to earn specific rewards. It is currently used a lot in mobile games.

The place Axios mentioned Electronic Arts et Hi-Rez Studio as the main testers of the project, and more particularly the game Hurt of the last. However, EA denies any involvement or agreement with Simulmedia regarding the integration of ads in its games and therefore stated:

“As a result of misinformation suggesting that we are looking to introduce television-like advertising into our games, we wanted to clarify that advertising in console games is not a topic that we are currently studying and to which we have not subscribed. There is no agreement to implement it. Creating the best possible experience for the players continues to be our priority. “

The gaming experience at the center of the debate

It’s no wonder when you think about the noise that Simulmedia’s claim generates. Indeed, advertisements in video games on consoles, mostly paid and quite expensive, are not welcome and have even created quite a virulent controversy on the networks. PlayerWON’s system is considered intrusive and unwanted.

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Therefore, it is natural that EA does not want to be associated, for the moment, with this type of practice. However, Simulmedia had made it clear that PlayerWON would hit a dozen games by the end of the year, so we can legitimately wonder what they are. The company should report this soon, so stay tuned.