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Exoprimal: Dinos meets combat suits – All information about the new IP

Exoprimal is coming next year and will see dinosaurs meet mechanized combat suits. Source: Capcom

On Wednesday night, Capcom introduced Exoprimal as part of the latest PlayStation State of Play installment. This team action game is a new IP that unleashes a prehistoric blast from the past to the near future, according to the official announcement.

The Exofighters will don powered armor to repel dinosaur invasions and save humanity from extinction in 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam. Even if the online community first thought of a new Dino Crisis, Capcom’s new game will also focus on slightly different gameplay mechanics and also a different setting, albeit a very wacky one.

Exoprimal – Reveal Trailer

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The year is 2040 and the planet is in crisis. Dinosaurs appear out of nowhere and wreak havoc on cities around the world. Threatened by history’s deadliest creatures, the world turns to the mighty Aibius Corporation and its revolutionary technology for help.

The next-gen AI, Leviathan, can predict where dinosaur outbreaks will occur and send exo-hunters to the area. Armed with state-of-the-art mechanized battle armor known as exosuits, these warriors are humanity’s last hope.

Focused on cooperative play

Exoprimal offers a new multiplayer experience based on cooperative mode but also includes a competitive component. In the game’s main mode, Dino Survival, teams will fight to the last breath against countless dinosaurs as they try to complete missions before rival groups in 5v5 matches.

A dynamic mix of objectives keeps players engaged and makes each match different from the last. Exofighters must be on their toes as hunts turn into valuable cargo shipments or desperate last stands against relentless attacks.

Opposing teams even have the option to attack opponents head-on and hinder their progress. Although Exoprimal focuses solely on multiplayer, there is a story woven into the game. Players can immerse themselves in the world’s rich history and colorful characters by unlocking new stories and unraveling the mystery behind the dinosaur outbreaks.

Exofighters are always outnumbered and must work together to defeat overwhelming hordes of enemies. Your exosuits come in a variety of classes, each with a specific role in combat. Assault models like the Deadeye sniper and the melee-oriented Zephyr excel at taking out enemy swarms.

Meanwhile, tanks like the shielded Roadblock and supports like the vital Witchdoctor help keep everyone alive so they last longer. Each model is equipped with unique weapons and special abilities. Players can even switch between exosuits during gameplay to handle any situation, no matter how difficult.

Exoprimal – Developer Overview

You can get an even more detailed look at the Exoprimal idea in the developer overview:

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