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Latest Tech & Gaming News is a large Pokemon-style multiplayer game that you can play on Twitter. is a large Pokemon-style multiplayer game that you can play on Twitter. A minimalist monster catching game online last year, And now you can play it on Twitter. Nigel Nelson as a developer Tweet this afternoon, He ported the entire game to an embedded Twitter card (or “smuggled” in his words). This means you can play it directly from Twitter’s web interface or mobile app.

The game is built PokemonStyle exploration and combat in shared lo-fi settings. You can catch and walk around enemies, expand your team of familiars, and then use them to fight other players (or, if desired, just say “howdy” and walk around. ).

“I and my brother were doing this where they started a new game. Pokemon Red and Green, Go ahead with the game as soon as possible within 3 hours and then fight each other with the Pokemon team, “says Nelson. “A year ago I was looking for a new project. My brother suggested multiplayer. Pokemon-A PVP-like experience can be fun, but I thought it was a great idea. “

The Twitter version of the game doesn’t always go online for a long time. I’m using the player card and Twitter that Twitter provides for linear media Warn the user Do not “avoid the purpose of the card” in an interactive experience. Twitter was disabled in 2015 Embedding classic MS-DOS games By tweet. But nevertheless, the game took off on the platform.Nelson says The Verge Compared to a standard user base of one or two, he saw about 3,000 logins and 250 players online at a time. “I had some ideas for new fun things to add, but I think we need to take a step back to figure out how to adapt our servers to an increased player base,” he says.

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