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Poll: Did you order Apple's new $ 549 AirPods Max headphones?

Poll: Did you order Apple’s new $ 549 AirPods Max headphones?

AirPods Max Finally here You can now order. This week, Apple’s new over-ear headphones were announced with spatial audio, active noise canceling, and more. Now you want to know if you’ve already ordered AirPods Max or are you still considering buying it.

Apple says AirPods Max will arrive at retail stores next week, Supply is quite limited, Estimated shipping times on Apple’s website for all models are up to 14 weeks.

This product was long-awaited, as the first rumors appeared in 2018 that Apple would develop new headphones under its own brand. There was more evidence that Apple was preparing to launch a new pair of headphones this year, but rumors about the launch schedule were inconsistent. Some reports point to the launch in early 2021.

Apple surprised us and introduced AirPods Max in time for Christmas. At least in theory, it may not be available in 2020 due to limited supply. Most rumors about AirPods Max have proven to be true, but Apple must cut some expected features during the development process, such as automatic left and right detection and replaceable headbands. I don’t think it was.

Rumor has it that the sports model of Apple’s headphones was expected to be $ 349, so the price was higher than expected, but the company introduced only one AirPods Max model for $ 549. Still, the demand for the new AirPods Max seems strong. Or, Apple is producing a very limited number of units this year, which limits availability.

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Did you order AirPods Max or are you considering buying it? If not, why? Please let us know by voting below. Please explain in detail in the comments.

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