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[FGO]Kamakura Event Strategy Table and Efficient Procedure | Goodbye to Kamakura | AppMedia

This is an article on “Goodbye Kamakura ~ Little Big Tengu ~ (Kamakura Event)” from FGO. We will introduce the strategy table, free search place with good drop efficiency, history search and latest information about Kamakura event, so please use it when you capture “Goodbye Kamakura”.

Event summary

Latest information on the Kamakura event

Basic information

Screenshot 2021-01-17 18.16.32

Waiting period January 20, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. to February 3 (water) 12:59 p.m.
Participation conditions Fuyuki
remuneration Oniichi Houme_IconGhost(4 star killer)

Pickup is Kiyoshi Hirakei (5 stars)

Kiyoshi Hirakei

Hirakei Kiyoshi, who had already appeared in the Hell World Mandala, is finally implemented.5 Star AvengerThen the unique fortification → Attack and possession of the special attack treasure is released. Active as a central figure in the event.

Click here for details on Hirakei Kiyoshi

Distribution “Kiichi Hogen”

Screenshot 2021-01-17 18.18.17

Distribution servant of the entire Assassin.. Ushiwakamaru’s legendary master, Tengu. The All Treasure Killer is rare and hard to come by, so be sure to get it this time. An overall fast treasure attacker compatible with the Skadi system.

Although it is a typical distribution server, the value of the experience will double over the period, so be sure to take this opportunity to complete the training.

Click here for details on Oniichi Houme

Kamakura Event Strategy Table

Shorter event capture table

* Strategy table assuming distribution dress is unequipped (no additional rare enemies)

Add a tsuwamono enemy? Do not do?

Distribution dress “Sew your beloved sonYou can make additional Tsuwamono enemies appear. Basically it’s better to equip it because it will improve the efficiency of progressing in the mission, but since you won’t be able to spin for 3 turns, you don’t need to equip it if speed and fun are important.Whether you want efficiency or comfort depends on your valuesSo, choose the one you like the most.

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Since the above table is described with a pattern that is not equipped, the number of laps will decrease slightly if it is equipped.

Kamakura Event Quest List

Quest opening hours

Tap to show

Story strategy list

Let's capture the history of Kamakura

History Capture Summary

Free information on missions and enemies

Kamakura Event Free Quest List

Detailed enemy information by frique is added to the following article at any time

List of friques and summary of enemy characteristics.

Kamakura Event Capture Points

The event is a mission format

Kamakura Mission

The event progresses in mission format. You will go around Frique to complete the mission and challenge a new story.

Kamakura Event Mission Summary

Mini Servant Wizard Sword Skill

Mini Servant Wizard Sword Skill

A mini servant will appear during the event and at the beginning of the battle.Sword Skill WizardWill support the use of the match. You can strengthen your skills with the limited event item “Tengu no Toki”.

Mini servant and assistant sword skill

How to appear rare enemies


Rare enemies (tsuwamono) can also be spawned by stacking distribution dresses. Note that since it is an additional appearance type, increasing it will increase the number of laps required for laps. It’s best to make additional appearances for mission efficiency, but if you don’t want to break the lap for 3 turns, it’s safer not to make them appear.

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Details of the enemy Tsuwamono

Kamakura Event Special Attack Information

Kamakura Event Special Attack Servant

Special attack concept dress

Event command code

Crest effect
5_084_ Son of Kurama
Son of Kurama
Increases the critical power of engraved cards by 20%
4_083_ Tengu no Hadanfan
Tengu no Hadanfan
When attacking with the engraved card, cancel an enemy’s attack power state
+ Increases the critical power of engraved cards by 10%
3_082_ Mini Ushiwaka
Mini Ushiwaka
Earn 1 star when attacking with engraved cards
+ Releases a weakened attack state

Kamakura Event Exchange Material Summary

Tengu LightItems that can be traded with Tengu’s light

Mini servant and assistant sword skill

During the battle_iconItems that can be traded during battle.

Total number required 2,300
Monument included 3500

Yamabushi dumpling _ iconItems that can be traded with Yamabushi meatballs

Total number required 1,750
Part included 2,950

Naughty rice cake _ iconItems that can be traded in for naughty rice cakes

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