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What if your girlfriend reviews your video game?

What if your girlfriend reviews your video game?

By staff reporter 2 hours ago

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Sam Wright

About two years ago, a YouTube channel with less than 50,000 subscribers sent me a link to a video. I watched the video and got hooked. I also felt like I found something special. Puppies are great, but if you have more than one person in your room, you’re fighting modestly to hug them. This channel was my puppy and I felt like no one was in the room. Within a few weeks, the channel reached millions of views and the room slowly filled up. I thought it would be frustrating to have to share a puppy, but it wasn’t. If anything, I was more excited that there were people talking about the channel. This was a super long introduction, wasn’t it? Let me explain the point.

If you are looking for some of the most fun video game reviews on the internet, you want to hug this puppy.

Stop at the puppy reference. I promise.

Girlfriend review Anyone looking for an honest and fun game review is a channel to check out. This channel offers different spins in a typical game review. Instead of standard game reviews, the channel reviews the game from the perspective of important others who are forced to watch their partners play the game. The reviews are hilarious, but I’m also grateful for the magic of video games-I think it was lost along the way by the super-serious game reviewers we’ve seen in recent years.

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The girlfriend review consists of a very talented couple Matt and Shelby in their respective fields. A video review of Death Stranding Shelby explained the channel’s goals.

“This channel started to satisfy game journalism by teasing the games we play and analyzing hobbies from an outsider’s perspective. But now video games stimulate corporate desires. Often used as a tool, it is one of mankind’s greatest artistic achievements. “

At the end of December, I slowly traveled to Night City and started playing Cyberpunk 2077. Despite negative criticism and hatred online, I jumped in and probably played for an hour or two at night. I’m still traveling, but I really love games so far, even with bugs. The latest girlfriend review video was a review of watching your boyfriend play Cyberpunk 2077. My own boyfriend and I could have a hard relationship (even if the roles were reversed) and I love Matt and Shelby being able to showcase the really fun aspects of this game. The now classic “Cyberpunk 2077” drives the “journalism” line of the “greatest disappointment of our lives” game. Here is the video:

Whether you’re not playing the game you’re reviewing or playing a game, it’s somewhat relevant to the content on this channel and you’ll love it. Be sure to add your girlfriend review to your subscription list.

* Sam “Tech Girl” Wright is a South African esports shoutcaster and content creator. You can see more of her content. here..